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Art by Joey Celerio, Thank you (An Interview with Levi)


Happy Christmas Everyone and a Blessed 2011

Photo by Al Dimalanta. Thanks Sir.


Heaven On Matthew

Heaven on Matthew
The parables of the Gospels in the Bible show what could be heaven in store for God’s people.It is true that the earth is a gift to human beings, yet humans have to know that something more beyond life is stored for those who obey God as a Father, and seek Him in eternity.
Check these:
1.Laborers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20)
“For the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who goes out early in the morning to hire laborers to work in his vineyard.”
On the eleventh hour, all the workers were paid.But some complained because some have worked only for a single hour, and the master put the others on a level with those who have borne the burden of a day’s heat.
Answering to them, he said “My friends, I have done you no injustice. Did you not agree with me to pay you a “denarius” for the day’s work?”Take what is yours and leave; I choose to give to this last amount as I have given you.Or are you envious because I am generous?Even so the last shall be first, and the first last; f…

Luke On Poor Guests

Luke On Poor Guests
“The spirit is willing, but the body is weak,” so the Bible says.
Others would say, “In reality, each has to scratch each other’s back.Go with the rich, to get something.”
Most of us give and remember those who can reward/pay back.During occasions, we even reserve the best gifts for rich relatives or friends.The poor ones get the cheaper stuff.They are given the last seats and the leftovers.
Let us learn from these parables:

Fig Tree (Luke 21)
And he spoke to them a parable.“Behold the fig tree, and all the trees around you.When you now put forth their buds, everyone knows that summer is near.Even so, when you see these things coming to pass, let it be as a sign that the kingdom of God is near.Amen I say to you, this generation will not pass away till all things have been accomplished.Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.
Good Shepherd(John 10)
“Amen, amen, I say to you he who does not enter by the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up another…

The Last Seat, The Back Pew

The Last Seat, The Back Pew
Those who get to take the best seats in any celebration or gathering are the popular and wealthy people.Sometimes, we think that we deserve the first seats and the front seats.Perhaps, we take the best parts of the fish and meat, too.Or from a basket of fruits, we grab to take the juiciest of all, forgetting that something must be shared.
Last Seat (Luke 14)
When you are invited to a wedding feast, do not recline in the first seats, otherwise when perhaps one more distinguished have been invited by the host, and the host who invited you and him come and say to you,“Make room for this man!” you should find yourself in a most embarrassing situation to take the last seat.Thus when you are invited, go and recline in the last seat so that when the host who invited you comes, and he says to you, “Friend, come join me in the reserved seats!”Then will you be honored in the presence of all who are at the table with you.For everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, …

La Reina de las Islas Filipinas


Veritas 846


Panalangin Sa Our Lady of Veritas

October 16, 2010


Radio Veritas Holds Marian Exhibit at Asia Mall

The Virgin Mary in her different names, state of grace, and miracles are shown in a Marian exhibit at Asia Mall.

The images come from different parishes and towns all over the Philippines in cooperation with the Department of Education. Exhibit runs until October 28. Dr. Norma Salcedo heads the Literacy Coordinating Council (LLC) of DepEd in collaboration with Radio Veritas.

Prayer to Our Lady of Veritas (Panalangin Sa Our Lady of Veritas)

“O Birhen ng Katotohanan,
Ina ni Jeus, ang nagkatawan-taong Salita
Salamat sa iyong anak
Tinatanggap ko Siya bilang aking Katotohanan
At Kaligtasan

Sa pakikinig sa salita ng Diyos
Tulungan mo akong maging Malaya

Sa oras ng hirap at pagsubok
Linawin mo sa akin, na nasa krus ang tagumpay

Sa aking paglalakbay, akayin mo ako
Sa buhay ng paglilingkod
At sa buhay na ganap at kasiya-siya

Kupkupin mo ako at ang aking mga kapanalig
Na nakikinig, natututo at nagmamahal

O Maria Bir…

Pagsasalin ng Kuwento ni Greg Brillantes: Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro

May 6, 2010

Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro by Greg Brillantes


Paniniwala, Pag-big, Panahon at Si Dr. Lazaro

Mula sa veranda sa itaas, natatanaw ni Dr. Lazaro ang mga bituin ang kadiliman sa nayon, ang mga ilaw sa malayong highway sa gilid ng bayan. Itinututog ng ponograpo ang isang piyesa ni Chopin – para bagan pinipigilang isang malalim na pighati, na kilala ng tulad ng nakasanayan niyang isipin. Ngunit habang siya ay nakaupo doon, ang kanyang payat na katawan, sa kanyang nakagawiang nakahandusay na pagkakakhiga tulad ng karaniwan, pagkatapos ng hapunan, nakatitig sa kapatagan ng gabi na pumupuna sa mga banayad na imahen at kahit sa isang uri ng kapayapaan din (sa huli, matmis at di-magaping paglimot), walang naalala si Dr. Lazaro, ang kanyang diwa di madampian ng alin mang kamalayang isipan, di man lamang niya mapansin ang init ng Abril, ang himig ng musika umiikot sa kanya at tahasang nawala, mabilisang nawala, di-naunawaan.

Para bagang ang pagwawalang – baha…

A Japanese Poem: 千羽鶴 (A Thousand Cranes)

Four Seasons with GOD

Four Seasons with GOD

Dear God, dear God
I give you myself
Split from skull to toe
Hold me

I give you myself
My hands and the work I do
Hold me
Talk my thoughts

My hands and the work I do
Let bloom like yellow flowers in spring
Talk my thoughts
A plethora of honey threads

Let bloom like yellow flowers in spring
Because I miss golden autumn
A plethora of honey threads
And breezy humming mountain

Because I miss golden autumn
When dancing ripples cup my tears
And breezy humming mountain
Waiting winter earth’s arm to hug like twin hearts

When dancing ripples cup my tears
How magnificent boats of pearls and seashells
Waiting winter earth’s arm to hug like twin hearts
Where we’d go summer dear God?

How magnificent boats of pearls and seashells
Seasons of life like melons and ponds of fruity icy cream
Where we’d go summer dear God?
Kiss me in prayers and hymn of love

Seasons of life like melons and ponds of fruity icy cream
Are you beside me dear God?
Kiss me in prayers and hymn of love

For Mama Mary

Swim Life: Love

Net Scribbles

You Are Beautiful

Good night

Blast, IShallWrite

Trial Video

Thoughts: The Adding Machine

August 19, 2010



Have You Ever Thought How Garbage Boys Survive?

The garbage truck was in front of the cab I was on a few days ago.

The traffic gave me a picture of how garbage collectors work on their assigned task to serve us.

I thought they were on to penance because the work they do is literally “dirty.”

Of course, as compared to the hospital/medical staff who treat infections and diseases; dirt and stinking barrels of dirt are loathsome.

What do you think, how do their kids hug them? Have you ever worried for them? They have to be given protection against all the dirt of the world. These good workers deserve to be thanked for

In other countries, garbage collectors are paid well. How about in the Philippines…. (private or government garbage employees) how are they treated?

In my case, I think dirt ---- attracts diseases like stomach disorders, allergy, and lung problems, among others. Take for example the killer flu virus, and those objects that are habitat…

Great Ideas And Fairy Tale Stories

Great Ideas and Fairy Tale Stories

Life’s lesson are taught in various ways. Stories are one way to share ideas, beliefs, entertainment, information, and life struggles. Fairy tales are stories that mark inspiring and intelligent literature for all.

History shows that fiction story writers are people with profound depth and goodness in their hearts. Readers have to find out the moral value of the story. Thank God for the beautiful stories and the writers who help us see life, with hope and faith that goodness saves man.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (as retold)
The Shoemaker and the Elves by Sue Ullstein
Pinnochio by Carlo “Collodi” Lorenzini
The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” features Nicholas Cage and Jay Baruchel in a fairy tale based story this 2010.

There are revisions and new ideas. For one fiction story to create effects and highlight, modifications are made. Virtues are highlighted in the films.

In the e…

More Stories for Children (and Adults)

More Stories for Children (and Adults)

Fairy tales carve lessons in life. From the young heart of a child to the matured heart of the adult: everyone seek goodness, happy endings and triumph in truth.

The Ugly Duckling (as retold)
King Midas and His Golden Touch by Homer
Cinderella by Charles Perrault
The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen

The Ugly Duckling

An amazing story of a duck! Kids and everyone loves ducks. This famous ugly duckling turns out to be one of the most beautiful creatures of the earth.

This story shows that people need to belong and that no one is ugly. Only that we are the same in some ways, and different in other ways. Ducks like people have to know where to find happiness and goals. The duck sees himself “very beautiful” in the water; then in the water he finds his new family.

King Midas and His Golden Touch

An amazing story for kids full of curiosity! The picture of gold comes to be prominent and readers appreciate the simple story…

The Fairy Tale Stories

The Fairy Tale Stories

Fairy tales are imaginary stories. They do not exactly mean “there are fairies” but some kids and even adults associate these stories with magic, a big triumph of the characters, beautiful fairies, and life wonders. Sometimes they could be some fables and would involve animal and nature stories. The classification is huge for different cultures.

Let us peep into Storyland:

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by the Grimm Brothers
The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde
Snow White and Rose Red by the Grimm Brothers

1. Alice in Wonderland is a famous fairy tale. It was even filmed and shown this 2010.

This girl Alice dreams of going into another land through a hole. In Wonderland she meets talking cats , rabbits, a caterpillar and other animals. In Wonderland, everything comes to be awesome: the beautiful garden, the odd funny characters, magic beyond life and where you eat something there will be changes in sizes. Alice bec…

On Creative Writing

Creative Writing

When I hear about creative writing, I feel as though lighting had struck and stones would turn into toads or diamonds, just like the fairy tale I read when I was young.

Creative writing is sort of happy-ending fairy tales and sad fiction stories that trigger blood out of flesh and broken bones.

Of course, the mechanics of writing can be taught, but creating something is another story. You cannot teach someone how to be an artist. But you can always help someone write better.

What is Creative Writing?

From an ordinary writer’s point of view - creative writing is the art of writing embodied in various genres of literature: poems, fiction, and nonfiction among others.

It deals with writing, and more than just writing, because it is creating something beautiful. It is more than just words, but using correct metaphors, nurturing a style; and maybe… the urge of a writing vocation that carries hard labor. Money? Never.

Many writers aspire to be creative writers…

Would You Like to Write A SHort Story?

Would You Like To Write a Short Story?

Would you like to write a short story? Would you like to write fiction?

The short story is a fiction story.

Normally the short story is between 1000-5000 words. A selling length is 3000 words. It is concerned with a single episode only. There must be brevity of time, characters, description, characterization, dialogue, incident, yet its content must be vivid with life.

The short story differs from the “short kiddie story.” Its treatment must be intense and characterization should be sharp.

According to Guy De Maupassant, “The serious writer’s goal is not only to entertain but to move us, to make us understand the deep and hidden meaning of events.”

Here are the elements of a short story:

1. Plot The plot is a sequence of events.

It begins with an exposition, then rising action (dramatization of events), climax (breaks off dramatically at this point), then falling action proceeding to resolution, and then the conclusion.

Plot sho…

I Wrote Fiction: The Color of Life

Fiction stories are those stories that add color to life. These are the stories you have wanted to happen, an episode in your life you didn’t like, or something you could have wished on this planet or yonder paradise. The expressed and mute chanting of your heart becomes real in fiction.

I wrote fiction. I have wanted to make a small world of my own imaginations (dull and exciting), cravings, and abhorrence. Fiction stories create in me a goddess, of which I am not. Fiction creates in me life, of which I can bring back the dead to life. Fiction stories, I believe are God’s gift to human creations to fill the gaps of yesterday and today, of the life now and heaven, a link of time and space to immortality.

Let us run through five-fiction story exerpts and their authors:

1. The Dead James Joyce (1882- 1941)

Born in a suburb of Dublin during a turbulent era of political change in Ireland

“O, I am thinking about that song, The Lass of Aughrim.

So she had had that romance in her life:…

FYI: July 4, Philippine- American Friendship Day

GOD bless America!

/rose flores - martinez

Karol Wojtyla: Love is Faceless

Karol Wojtyla: Love is Faceless

“Love is faceless,” this teaching makes me remember Karol Wojtyla. Karol Wojtyla is Pope John Paul II.

During his visit to the Philippines, I was one to witness the power of the Pope gathering people peacefully. I was the enthusiastic PR writer trying to get an experience of an event, something to gossip about celebrations. But this idea didn’t make sense. What I saw was a huge crowd without any panic and “no pushing.” The crowd was totally calm and disciplined. I supposed it was really “Tell the world of His love, of God’s love.”

That was 1995, during the World Youth Day in the Philippines. Then in the year 2000, at the Manila Cathedral was the “Blessing of the Door” and some relics of St. Therese; the Pope came back.

What was it with Pope John Paul II? Of course, like the other Popes: they are the messengers of God to the world, like angels. This will be easy for everybody to understand as everybody embeds an innocent heart when in front of…

Confessions: Writing a Love Letter

Confession: Writing a Love Letter

You need to rake your heart and see the beauty of how honest a love can be. You cannot lie when you write a love letter because it is about love. Love can’t cheat. Love is something beautiful and pure for everyone. It is prudent. Love is a gift from God that ought to be given away and takes nothing else.

Love letters share a bond of happiness for the sender and the receiver. If so, the writing task becomes meaningful and complete.

I. Let me share my writing confessions to God during my younger years.

Sample 1.

February 18, 1983

Dear God,

I just “wanna” let you know that I love you above anyone else.

I will live my life through your commandments and plans for me.

My Father, it’s enough to have you always with me…

I love you.

Your daughter,
Rosalinda (Rose)

Sample 2.

Jesus, I love you above all!

Help me to want your every will

So that You’ll not be sad.

II. Style and Structure

The structure of a love letter is the same as an ordinary or specia…

Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro

February 6, 2010


By: Greg Brillantes

From the upstairs veranda, Dr. Lazaro had a view of stars, the country darkness, the lights on the distant highway at the edge of town. The phonograph in the sala played Chopin – like a vast sorrow controlled, made familiar, he had wont to think. But as he sat there, his lean frame in the habitual slack repose took after supper, and stared at the plains of night that had evoked gentle images and even a kind of peace (in the end, sweet and invincible oblivion), Dr. Lazaro remembered nothing, his mind lay untouched by any conscious thought, he was scarcely aware of the April heat; the pattern of music fell around him and dissolved swiftly, uncomprehended. It was as though indifference were an infection that had entered his blood it was everywhere in his body. In the scattered light from the sala his angular face had a dusty, wasted quality, only his eyes contained life. He could have remained there all evening, …