Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Ode To Silence: I Wrote Fiction

Your silence is harp to me
When I travel into you, I feel so in love
Lifted on clouds, the hum of peace
Rotating the sun and moon
Like an angel

You are the music in my heart
You are my temples
Thrust your silence, say nothing
When you said nothing, your eyes
A strong ripple, bathed in me, bliss

I am at the level of your madness
So beautiful and free, bursting a kid’s laughter

I sleep in your eyes
I dwell in your heart
I am your miracle
Our love is a miracle

I come naked in your sigh, a secret garden
A pillow for your head
My breasts supple for your mouth
I have taken off, everything
Carry my bruised heart
And before we’d die our love
Would kiss enough

Your kisses, cherished by time
Diamonds and flowers, a rain
In the shadows of my grief
Hold me tight, be forever mine

Your kisses, the plight of my heart
They teach me all the languages
I can’t speak
The questions
I can’t answer
Those things, I do not know
They teach me everything
How to write
How to weave
How to wind words
And prayers.

I trace your face, your lips, your nose
Your hair, your body, all of you
And when you smile and cry
Day and night, you are
In my memory

I awake with you in my thoughts
I sleep with you in my thoughts
Your eyes look at me
Like a warrior’s eyes, fierce from a battle
Your fists bold, with blood, the baptism of loyalty
To be back in my arms,  be mine forever

Those times I cried
Your face, my light
Your love completes me
It is all I have

They saw me bathing in your eyes
We can’t conceal our love
We can’t conceal the love in your eyes
They would show to the world

Your silence fills me, deep as the ocean
Your smell on me, like birth
Your touch, I adore

Hold me tight, in age and sweetly
And until death, keep me
Let Heaven bind our promises

My heart is yours as my diaries
The words I speak and those buried on God’s hands
Are gifts, I have carved on my heart
My sorrows, only heaven can heal
Come kneel with me

Take me, take me now, drink the tears
I hide beneath rainbows
Take me, take all of me, touch me
Never let go

As I am cleansed, in heaven’s mercy
Untainted now, and separated
I am yours forever
Veiled in a mystery of grace
As I lay down my life

Because I want you
Because I love your silence
Eternity drizzling on us
While we kiss
Snow falling on us
When our bodies become one
In  a  lightning’s hilt
We create

And that is why, I love you
And that is why, I love you
And that is why, I love you so much.

rose flores martinez

Thank you, Nizar Qabanni

This poem was inspired by the verses of Nizar Qabanni (As shown on You Tube, Love Poems by Nizar Qabanni.  (on Hanna Hammer's Channel, N. K.) .  Thank you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birds, Black Swan and Ducks

"The Black Swan" garners 5 academy award nominations: best picture, best actress, best director, best cinematography, and best film editing. The movie, in this season, is the talk of popular culture.

Natalie Portman wins Best Actress, and Darren Aronofsky wins Best Director. It also gets the Best Ensemble Screen Actor's Guild nomination.

Many viewers comment that the story comes so sad.

Wenzi, a young professional says, " The after-effect feeling got a grip."

Macmac, a trader says, "It is a true work of art."

A. The plot is a drama-thriller that shows more symbolism. Focusing on the feather that grows from the body, twitching sizes, colors, and scenes freeze a picture in the mind creating an effect of something real and felt. The self-touching, some blood drip, and the sex play are not growls, but rightly built in the story. They flow naturally and artful. The cutting of the nails gives the severe effect on some scenes showing a dilemma in the character's personality. In the end, Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) conflict with herself becomes solved in performing, a dual personality that of a swan: the white swan and the black swan. Darren Aronofsky makes an appealing work of art.

Nina tells her mentor Thomas (Vincent Cassel) after the dance, "I have felt it." Though Thomas, the other dancers, the audience, Nina's Mom (Barbara Hershey) and Lily (Mila Kunis) her rival swan, give an applause; everyone comes to a "Why did you do that?"

Remembering the story of Hans Christian Andersen about the "Ugly Duckling" who is lost with another set of ducks tell about a struggle in personality. The other ducks do not accept her, but becomes mean to her and calls her ugly duckling since the differences in the looks and way of preferences. Later, the ugly duckling finds her true self, but away from where she comes from. Everyone finds out the ugly duckling is the most beautiful swan in the lake.

B. The Swan (Wikipedia)
The Black Swan is the official bird emblem of Western Australia. In Hindu mythology, the swan (hamsa) vehicle of Saraswati represents grace, wisdom, and beauty. In Catholicism, it can be an owl (bird family) as for wisdom. Also Swan Lake Story by Russian ballet patriarch Fyodor Lopukhoy.

C. Thought
Birds, as God's creations, play a large part in human history. Different feathered groups connote various significant symbols: food (chicken), freedom (dove), omen (crow), eagle (power), owl (wisdom), peacock (beauty), gull (manifestation of life), among others. And there are a lot more, as heron, swan, and duck. Also, birds come close to the bat that is a flying mammal, and the horse that flies (in fairy tales and mythology). And how about winged creatures like beautiful fairies in Peter Pan?

And what can you say of the guardian angels that has wings?

Truly, the enchantment of wings, feathers, and flight!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DH Lawrence and Benjamin Franklin

This essay of Lawrence speaks of differences in beliefs. Some writers say that the insights of Lawrence here, are insights of genius, some hyperbolically angry, and some mad. Benjamin Franklin (1706-90, America's Renaissance, model for the American Dream) barbed himself with a list of virtues, and DH Lawrence (born in Notthinghamshire England) made his list, as well.

Both authors are illustrious and profound, each style and belief has its own suitability and approach to life. Franklin is stiff and Lawrence is aggressive. Franklin seems dull, and Lawrence seems bursting. The other commendable for prudence, and the other commendable for freedom. It's like having two hands: the right and the left. In parables though, neutrality deems no loyalty, but weakness.

Check and see, that both are talking of almost one thing; only in different contexts like when people have different religions, and different food preferences, among other things. Lawrence points though, that he was just playing: There is my creed. He, who runs may read. He who prefers to crawl, or to go by gasoline can call it rot. Then for a list, it is rather fun to play at Benjamin.

Both authors talked about the following. See the conflict that was aroused in Lawrence' thought. (1-4 of 13)

1. Temperance

Benjamin Franklin: Eat not to fullness, drink not to elevation.

DH Lawrence: Eat and caroused with Bacchus, or munch dry bread with Jesus, but don't sit down without one of the gods.

Thought: The first speaks of gluttony like overeating and being drunk as literally taken; the other speaks of happiness together, with who you believe.

2. Silence

BF: Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.

DHL: Be still when you have nothing to say when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say and say it hot.

Thought: Avoid gossip. The second is silence, but more than silence is bravery of the soul: shout out!

3. Order

BF: Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.

DHL: Know that you are responsible to the gods inside you and to the men in whom the gods are manifest. Recognize your superiors and your inferiors, according to the gods. This is the root of all order.

Thought: We remember Ecclesiastes, in the old testament here (Holy Bible). There is time for everything. The other looks at responsibility to both bosses and constituents.

4. Resolution

BF: Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

DHL: Resolve to abide in your own deepest promptings, and to sacrifice the smaller thing to the greater. Kill when you must, and be killed the same: the must coming from the gods inside you, or from the men you recognize the Holy Ghost.

Thought: Act to succeed. The next one is to face situations squarely.

In any of the lists both involved, an array of thoughts into labyrinths of ideas, an inspiration and a challenge, and stars from above speaking to us.

How To Take Care of Your Files

Our patience is tried, in various aspects.

Today, should technology crash, files must be kept intact. It is a week of screaming inside me because the laptop I'm borrowing stopped. And I don't know why. So I went to the computer shop/service to have it repaired. So thanks, it is now, working again.

After two days, my old laptop broke. I was told it might take more than a week to get it repaired. I lost some files, and some software installed, here.

And that's the agonizing story about crashing and other computer problems.

Honestly, I'm not a computer expert, but I am trying my best to know better about them. I'm aware they're primary writer's tools, so I just have to handle computers with care. Otherwise, the work stops.

The computer shop (Comp Link) advised me to get one year antivirus for the Neo computers. I think they are right because computers work very hard. My computer uses free Avira, but when it gets repaired, I will try to get an antivirus for one year.

Keeping files safe with an antivirus, is truly safe. Also, have back up files. Or you can store them in a flash drive or copy in a CD. Aside from saving the files in my documents, save it in drive D, too.

Or, email the necessary files to yourself, so you can check them in any computer.

Two years ago, I kept printed copies of my work and some lesson plans. Then, the bathroom gushed water to the living room wetting all my files on the floor. I remember I cried a lot and for days, and weeks, and months it looked like I have been bereaved. But now, it's different. Though I lost many files, and feeling sorry; I feel steadfast and hoping everything will be right. My files should be inside my brains, or I could create new files.

Maybe I have a microchip in my body, for some reasons, but I could not be a droid because nature dictates the commands of my brain. For some reasons, my files are precious to me because they are my library: my reprints, my collections, and my very own beating (sweat and blast). As Sir R. Hass says "creative juices."

Well, I have to be free for around two weeks. I will be away from my files; that which suggests I have to sit down, read, and write. Time for me to print some documents, too ( a suggestion from Article Writing Blog).

Now this becomes a writer's dilemma. And for me, it is like life and death.

See Cyber Surfers: Ted Pedersen and Mel Gibson

Cyber Surfer (Pirates on the Internet) is short fiction, with all the thrills to an easy access of the internet world!

Jason Kane (computer hacker) and Athena Bergstrom (techno-wizard) best students of a small town in the Pacific Northwest, test a new internet gateway called Icarus. Both teenagers share an internet passion and accept challenges of new adventures.

Mr. Madison (computer lab teacher) tells about the internet as "They're not just sitting. They're participating, they're learning, they're interacting."

Later, Athena helps Jason to navigate the dark side of the Net to prove his innocence - before it is too late.

"There's no profit in revenge," said Jason.

"You lead a charmed life," Athena said to Jason with a smile.

Included in the book are some computer terms. Check below.

IMO means in my opinion.
IMHO means in my humble opinion.
TIA means take in advance.
SYSOP is the system operator.
BBS is a bulletin board system.
C means see you.
CU means see you later.
DTRT means do the right thing.
GIGO is garbage in, garbage out.
PMFJI pardon me for jumping in.

Email is electronic mail you send to friends on other computers. It can be a form of typed messages or graphic messages. An email is sent with an address.

The World Wide Web is a service on the net. It's got pictures and hypertext - which means you can jump from one place to another, all over the world with a single click in your computer.

Free net are bulletin board systems that are connected to the internet and are free of charge. Usually a free net is sponsored by community groups to give people free access to computing and information.

Netiquette is the proper way to behave when you're surfing the internet, such as respecting the right and opinions of others, and treating others the way you want to be treated.

Freeware is a software that you may use and give to your friends without paying for it, and it's legal to do so.

Shareware is like a free ware and it doesn't cost you anything to get and try out. But if you like and want to use it, then you send the author of the program a small licensing fee

A download is when you transfer data from a larger computer system to a smaller system. This is usually done through a modem.

An upload is when you transfer data from your computer to a remote (usually larger) computer system.

Hyperlink is the link used in hypertext documents to jump from one element to another.

Peripherals refer to the devices that are attached to your computer, like modems, diskette drives and printers, among others.

Cyber Surfers is written by Ted Pedersen and Mel Gilden.

Hansel and Gretel9