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Kuwento ni Rose Flores – Martinez

30 Piling Kuwento 2003

Editor: Danilo S.Meneses

Introduksiyon ni : Reynaldo S. Duque

Makikita pa rin ang maraming bundok sa daan papuntang Bicol. Hindi maikakaila ang masukal na mga lugar. Sa bintanang salamin ay matatanaw ang lumang simbahan, na parang makapapasong tingkad ng liwanag, dala ng sinag ng pusyawing asul na ilaw ng krus sa gilid ng bundok.

Hindi ko maitago ang pagkamangha sa ganda ng kislap ng pusyawing asul na ilaw ng krus, hindi rin makapagsisinungaling ang aking damdamin.

Maganda nga, napakaganda ng kinang ng liwanag, ngunit sayang at hindi ko man lamang nadama ang hiwaga nito. Malamig ang dampi ng hangin sa paligid, may init ang sinag ng pusyawing asul na ilaw – katulad ng magkahalong lungkot at saya na aking nararamdama. Kung hindi nga lamang dahil kay Lola Basya …

Ano iyon? Mga ibong gubat? Marami pa ring ang mga kikik na nakakubli sa hinganteng mga punong kahoy sa gilid ng kabunkukang aming dinaraanan, pumupuno sa puwang n…


Show for dance scholars

AWIT AT SAYAW, a fund-raising musical and dance production, will be presented on Nov. 15, 8 p.m., at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan City.

YOUNG DANCERS (front row) Obia, Israela Joana Aliermo, Katherine Ann Gayon, Piol, Kimberly Gayon; (back row) Nowell Joseph B. del Rosario, Marquez, Israel Jeru Aliermo, Bulig, Mark Jayson Gayon, Fernando and Cejrich Daniel B. del Rosario

The show will feature a dozen ballroom dancing scholars of Dance 116, which is owned by Emily Silva.

The scholars are Angelou Obia; Israela Joana and Israel Jeru Aliermo, whose father is a school driver and whose mother is a government employee; Katherine Ann, Kimberly and Mark Jayson Gayon, whose father is a janitor and the mother is a housewife; Dannah Joyce N. Piol, whose father is physically handicapped and the mother is a housemaid; Nowell Joseph and Cejrich Daniel B. del Rosario, whose father is unemployed and whose mother is a freelance travel consultant; Juan Paolo Marquez,…

WALDEN 3 (From You Tube)




It was the moment I was so afraid to come. It was the moment of truth.

You, whom I loved so much will go away and never come back. But I trust GOD would hold you. That is how I accept things. It’s the dead end, when its time letting go, we hold nothing but the light and love of GOD.

The sickness that wearied your body made you leave me and separate, in some way to find some time for yourself and your remorse. Maybe, like St Peter. I realize in your actions the love you had for me and your gaze so far and deep could not explain in words all that you wanted to tell me in the words: because I love you. I knew it. It knew it.

Our wills never met, except in the love of GOD. Our bodies never entwined because your body wanted someone else.

I heard you cried softly in your agonies. You always came to me and told me about the love you had for Zita. Zita who wouldn’t love you because she thought you stole her virginity where she was blooming a dainty pink rose. She thought you eve…

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Blessed Pedro Calunsod, pray for us and the whole world. Amen.



Net Chat (A Fiction Story)

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Madness creeps to explore new possibilities. How many men can a woman have in a day? I was curious. It was discovering a feeling I had not the luxury in life. I was in a barred, cemented walls that was almost like a tomb. A core in a crust. So I plunged my fears and swam across depths of time and space. First time.

I would taste the pleasure of emotions in words. It was a trance. A temporary exit to the power-playing people around me in the real-now. I began to find the answers to my complicated ideas, deconstructing and reconstructing every word; trying to separate water and oil. I would like to think, there is a knife on my neck and every wrong move I make would slit a cut on my throbbing throat like killing a helpless chicken.

Maybe, I can become what I dream now. In this development of technology, words and letters are like people talking to me face to face.


“Hello and heller!”

Everyone greeted everyone hello. Well, not he…