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You were the dream I had last night

All - about you. When you held me

In the arms of eternity

When you kissed me in the brink of

Death. When you breathed in me. I

Knew I was the first you ever loved

I felt how you ached when words were

Mute. And you couldn’t shout your moan

And you couldn’t touch that dainty

Pink lace of time


Deserve my love

Every beat of my heart will kiss

For you. Every song I sing will

Shout for you - how much, how much

I love


Rainbows flow and waterfalls

Gush on me. The clouds, the wind

A stage where I dance as day

And night I weave moon and stars

Then you, put a crown on my head,

The gleaming jewel of sun rays

I feel your eyes burst me. Your heart

Raise my brokenness. I die,

For you

I live

For you

No other man would dare take me

Except you. In all my agonies

Drenched in every sorrow of the world

I have loved you

How my spine shivered, how my

Breath whispered your love. Till fragrant

Flowers bloom, Sahara flows

Fountain, and dawn hera…

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August Nights

September  10, 2012
August Nights
Tomorrow I will be hanged. I woke up ‘coz physical urgency has to go A picture of Golgotha To Trinity be praised My blood, water to arid mesh Brushed, perfumed my breath Tomorrow, after today it will be done Washed my hands, foamed untouched Because tomorrow, I will ascend Lined pillows like jets From the sepulcher of mind Checked locks and loops My agonies long offered for you Then hot water in a cup, for one Will reap fields of golden pears Sat for a while, and folded knees in front Jesu and Hannibal My bequest - Tomorrow, after today, I will be a different person Might be late, bustled like a horse And now in my summit Some plaster on my ankle, slip feet into flip flops, legs into dark denim pants In my last remaining days – will be daring seventh tides A blue ring on my thumb, and one more sapphire Your heart and mine, in one arrow, pinned in God’s collar. 

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Corridors of Gold

A Poem: Corridors of Gold

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Time, the precious stone of sunlight

Was your gift to me

Your hymn, the rising and falling

Tide of the shore

Was the only voice

I could recognize

Gold lights in the corridors

Were the precious hours

We laughed aloud in the pantry


And when the lights were off

You told me I was beautiful

I have kept your word

Your every promise of hope

All that made you


Gold was

The evening color

Gold in the calm

Corridors of the house

When your sturdy footsteps were

My pride

When faith in your eyes gleamed

Like agates

In the tint of golden rays

Coming from

The core of a pure heart


When, in the Blessed Sacrament of Gold,

Nested in the hours of longing

Breathed in me mercy

It was in the corridors

We sat together,

In the corridors, you held every bead


Grasping for grace

My heart wanted you

Your language of adoration

In those corridors

You were most amiable,

In every breath of prayer.

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