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The Catholic Church: Thomas More


Kapagdaka (Mula sa Aklat ni Sir Zeus A. Salazar)

Salin ni Dr. ZAS
Mababatid mo kapagdaka and gahiblang pagkakaiba Ng pagdadaop-palad sa pagtatanikala sa isang kaluluwa, At iyong mauunawaang pag-ibig ay di pagpapakalinga At pagsasama-sama’y di katumbas ng kaligtasan. At nagiging malinaw sa iyo na mga halik ay di kasunduan At ang mga regalo’y hindi pangako, At ang mga pagkatalo’y taas-noo’t mula Mo nang matatanggap na may lumana’y ng isang babae At walang lumbay ng isang bata, Sa gayon natututo kang lahat ng landas mo’y ibatay sa ngayon Dahil ang mga balaking nakasandig sa bukas ay walang layon At papalipad pa lamang may katangiang bumulusok ang kinabukasan. Mababatid mo manaka-naka Kahit init ng araw ay nakasusunog kung kalabisan. Kaya’t sariling hardin ay linangin at kaluluwa mo’y palamutian Sa halip na maghintay na ika’y pag-alayan ng bulaklak. At matanto mo na ika’y talagang mamamalagi... Na ang loob mo’y talagang matatag... At sarili mo’y talagang mahalaga At matututo ka’t laging matututo.. Sa bawat paalam matututo.

Ika-23 ng Agosto, 1997; …

After A While

After a while you learn the subtle difference Between holding a hand and chainingsoul, And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning And company doesn’t mean security. And you begin to learnthat kisses aren’t contracts And presents aren’t promises, And you begin to accept defeats With your head up and your eyes open With the gentleness of a woman not the grief of a child, And you learn to build all your roads on today Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans Andfutures have a way of falling down in mid-flight. Afte a while you learn That even sunshine burns if you get too much So you plant your garden and decorate you own soul Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure That you really are strong Andreally have worth And you learn and learn With everygood-bye you learn...
Ann Landers
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Les Paul





Net Chat (Fiction)


Madness creeps to explore new possibilities. How many men can a woman have in a day? I was curious. It was discovering a feeling I had not the luxury in life. I was in a barred, cemented walls that was almost like a tomb. A core in a crust. So I plunged my fears and swam across depths of time and space. First time. I would taste the pleasure of emotions in words. It was a trance. A temporary exit to the power-playing people around me in the real-now. I began to find the answers to my complicated ideas, deconstructing and reconstructing every word; trying to separate water and oil. I would like to think, there is a knife on my neck and every wrong move I make would slit a cut on my throbbing throat like killing a helpless chicken. Maybe, I can become what I dream now. In this development of technology, words and letters are like people talking to me face to face.
“Hello and heller!” Everyone greeted everyone hello. Well, not hell and below, I suppose. It was a greeting o…

Poems: Some Poetry Thoughts

Poems give light to pleasure in words. I don't know what poets like it for, but as I practice my poetry every word comes alive, while I diffuse myself to that which lay before me.

From a burnt wood, from the slivers of time, from the gusty wind of waves,
how from heart unto heart life could feel and see, believe the hum of seasons,
touch the blossom of sun, face the whip of tide, thou receive the mercy of Allah.


In poems the hands are filled with abounding grace
In those times they're denied the sweetness of flesh
The hands and grip are never releasing
Until something blooms from stars, the clouds drop rain
And refresh seeds for a harvest.

Check these beautiful poem lines from Master Poets. Each one can give a thought by expressing a feeling on the poem. It is not exactly to summarize it, but explicate the images that create sensations. Moreover, critics relate the poems to other significant literary texts. Express your thoughts!

T.S. Eliot: The Love Song of J.Alfred…