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Madness creeps to explore new possibilities. How many men can a woman have in a day? I was curious. It was discovering a feeling I had not the luxury in life. I was in a barred, cemented walls that was almost like a tomb. A core in a crust. So I plunged my fears and swam across depths of time and space. First time. I would taste the pleasure of emotions in words. It was a trance. A temporary exit to the power-playing people around me in the real-now. I began to find the answers to my complicated ideas, deconstructing and reconstructing every word; trying to separate water and oil. I would like to think, there is a knife on my neck and every wrong move I make would slit a cut on my throbbing throat like killing a helpless chicken. Maybe, I can become what I dream now. In this development of technology, words and letters are like people talking to me face to face.
“Hello and heller!” Everyone greeted everyone hello. Well, not hell and below, I suppose. It was a greeting o…

Some Poems


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On Loyalty: Save the Flag

I will share this funny experience with my classmates at the laboratory school (Philippine Normal College Laboratory School) years back, in elementary. "To laugh or not to laugh," that is the question.

I love my Philippine flag. It has four colors. Upper portion is blue, lower portion is red and on the side is a slanted triangle shaded white. It has three yellow stars and a sun inside the shaded white part.

After the school's early flag ceremony, the flag stayed up. The beat of the drums gave intense feeling while we sang the national anthem "Bayang Magiliw." The flag was being raised up by assigned boy scouts or girl scouts saluting around the flag pole.

It was a special ceremony for us, the students. We did that everyday before we started our classes. Six years in the primary level and 4 years in high school.

One day during our lunch break, while we were gathering on the benches near the flag pole, it rained hard. The wind blew the flag as it swayed to and f…

More Writing Exercises

Teachers give various writing exercises to develop the writing skills of students. More than this, writing teachers find unique ways of enhancing writing prompts. Students have to be open to challenges to contribute fresh ideas to the class. Anyone, to write, needs profound thoughts and interesting intellectual reactions.

Critics though and philosophers are more on word play. These areas are writing-related, but require another arm of discipline. The writer, on the other hand, must write. He/she must write and weave words to make a good sentence and amazing, painful hammering of the brain. Editing/checking should come after finishing the draft.

Sir Tony Perez, a noted playwright, shared to us (his students), many creative writing exercises. In his class, every Friday, there was an exciting surprise for everyone. We'd all giggle with what came to the class.

Many writing exercises highlighted past lives like figuring out childhood memories, and those that described the writer's…

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All About Trees

Children build tree houses. Birds live in them. They bear fruits that we eat, fresh from the earth's ground. Houses, furniture, tables are made from trees.

In the Holy Bible, they are main characters. It says that when good deeds/seeds are planted, they bear good fruit. We can know what kind of a person one is, with the fruit he/she bears. Usually, a good tree bears good fruit, and a bad one bears rotten fruit.

See this sketch/story I wrote:

There are several trees around our small house and every time I look out the little garden, I see the avocado tree. They look humongous in my sight, and another mango tree at the back of it, scares me.

The mango tree spreads its branches all over the garden. They say there's a white lady living in it.

Every time people pass by them, they run and make a sign of the cross like driving the devil away or driving some kind of evil spirit. So I close the door before the sun sets. I think the trees would be monsters. "But no!" Fairy tal…

Dr. Efren Abueg and Folktales

Efren Abueg, one famous and noted Filipino fiction writers was my teacher in "Folktale" studies. The teacher was very kind, humble, and all-supportive of his students. The class had a lot of fun discussing about the stories. Criticism and "how-to"/process of documenting culture: stories, traditions and belief, catapulted class discussions, among others.

Folk tales are stories and/or legends that are handed down among the common people in a certain place and time. Most of the folktales are funny, enchanting, and give moral lessons to everyone. Kids are fascinated with what the story shows them; adults sieve wisdom and commitment from them.

From the texts of Dr. Abueg, he tells us that folk tales value the special qualities of people, their way of life, their national traditions and cultural products.

Check these folk tales:

1. Some old people from the Philippines tell this story:

Once there was a husband and a wife and their home was part of the earth. Ages ago, the…