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Frost: Woodland Scene

"The Road Not Taken," is another favorite poem about woodlands and paths by the master poet Robert Frost (published 1916).

Frost known best for his effortless grand poem "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening," manifests in this poem another teaching insight about life.

In the first lines of the first paragraph:

"Two roads diverge in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both..." shows roads that branch out or move apart in a beautiful wood. The traveler is watching how far it can go to where it bends in the undergrowth

The color "yellow" is a bright color, perhaps showing the sun rays, but fading in the winding path of travel, as far as the eyes can see from a distance.

The traveler takes one road, just as fair as the other.
Perhaps as he finds it comfortable and likeable, as perhaps the better claim.

The leaves, as trampled by steps has dried and has been trodden black connote damage/bleakness and/ or firmness.

"Yet knowing how w…

More Poetry

Words are fun to study! Those, which they signify are pictures of all sorts and a hurricane of imaginations, as Archibald Macleish's maple leaf and globed fruit represent.

In the following poem lines below, we'd practice word descriptions in a free style like replying or giving comments to poems.

1.William Carlos Williams (The Descent)

"For what we can-not accomplish,
What is denied to love
What we have lost in the anticipation -
A descent follows, endless and indestructible."

My Reply:

To: Sir William C. Williams

Descent is the moon that wanes beneath darkness
Clouds, gray nights of cold
Like a love unrequited
Like tales untold

Like throes hiding under shadows
Like dreams unrealized burrow
Etched is truth, there lies abyss
Lonely lilacs surrender peace.

2. Richard Eberhart (Grave Piece)

"And from this I saw grow
Although my sense shook with fear
A crystal Tear
Whose center is spiritual love."

Mr. Eberhart explains:

"From all the experience contemplat…

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Peep Into The Dead of James Joyce

A love unrequited: in all forms. The boy from the gasworks is Michael Furey, one love that Gretta kept in her heart for all time, and who seized terror to Gabriel (orating to vulgarians, with superior education, etc.), Gretta's husband.

"The Dead," includes many characters. It shows a conundrum of personas about how one could look after life and go on traveling until the light. According to some critics, the author had grown into realizing his own flight when he wrote The Dead. And as written by the noted biographer, Richard Ellman, "The Dead is his first song of exile."

Sad feelings open wide the writers eyes, and sometimes, in fiction bare something real for the world. To turn away from the real, but in fiction, makes an artwork perfect. Something you cannot touch can be perfect while feelings expose matters of the heart.

As for me, (I am not Irish; but English as my second language) just reading the title "The Lass of Aughrim" carves a deep hole i…

On Theme: Death In The Woods

In fiction, there is always a central idea. Whether it be a poem, a short story, or drama; these are centered on a theme. In most cases, the theme is the generalization about the meaning of the story.

Leo Tolstoy once told a friend:

The most important thing in a work of art is that it should have a kind of focus, like where all the rays meet or from which they issue. And this focus must not be able to be completely explained in works. This indeed is one of the significant facts, about a true work of art - that it's content in its entirety can be expressed only by itself.

Readers interpret texts as they see life. The author writes a human experience in different ways to express an idea that branches into a lot more of profound thoughts.

Death in the Woods by Sherwood Anderson shares a theme about a woman who lives in the woods. And there in the woods, she dies, too.

An ordinary woman in the beginning becomes extraordinary in the end. In fact, the story connotes that she can be mor…

I Shall Write For Eternity

One of the most memorable points in my life was when I had this chance to enter a masteral study in writing at DLSU.

I know I had to make a thick face on this. As a part-time writer, a part- time teacher, and a full-time housekeeper I had to make way for a better me, as I age and start to wrinkle. Writing is a prize for my homely life, as to how I could write (worse or better), is a gift from God to share. My major comes with numbers, although writing was my first love; I'm aware I have to do back-steps and advance slowly again like doing the waltz. Watch the first beat!

In my writing journey, I met many good people that shared more than I've expected. After getting almost all (and more) of the subjects, and in my "failed and passed tests"; I have learned to appreciate how one pious writer weaves his/her work with passion. More than these, those writers I've read and just met in books came close to my heart.

And so, from a magazine writer, to a PR writer, to a l…

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