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Katy Perry Firework


Kingsman. The Secret Service


Green Day. When September Ends


Net Chat

Net Chat (A Fiction Story)

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Madness creeps to explore new possibilities. How many men can a woman have in a day? I was curious. It was discovering a feeling I had not the luxury in life. I was in a barred, cemented walls that was almost like a tomb. A core in a crust. So I plunged my fears and swam across depths of time and space. First time.

I would taste the pleasure of emotions in words. It was a trance. A temporary exit to the power-playing people around me in the real-now. I began to find the answers to my complicated ideas, deconstructing and reconstructing every word; trying to separate water and oil. I would like to think, there is a knife on my neck and every wrong move I make would slit a cut on my throbbing throat like killing a helpless chicken.

Maybe, I can become what I dream now. In this development of technology, words and letters are like people talking to me face to face.


“Hello and heller!”

Everyone greeted everyone hello. Well, not he…

Parable And Truth

A rabbi, famed for his learning and his wit, once was asked by his students why he so often illustrated a truth by telling a story.
The rabbi taught that could best explain through a story; a parable about Parable itself. 
There was a time when Truth went among men unadorned, as naked as his name.  
And whoever saw Truth turned away, in fear or in shame, and gave him no welcome.
So Truth wandered through the lands of the earth, rebuffed and unwanted.
One day, most disconsolate, he met Parable strolling along happily in fine and many-colored garb.
“Truth, why do you seem so sad?”  asked Parable cheerfully.
“Because I am so old and ugly that all men avoid me,” replied Truth.
“Nonsense.” laughed Parable.  
“That is not why men avoid you.  Here –borrow some of my clothes and see what happens.”
So Truth donned some of Parable’s lovely garments – and lo, everywhere he went he was welcomed.  
The rabbi smiled. 
For the truth is that men cannot face Truth when he is naked; th…


A pasha was crossing the sea in a fine ship when a terrible storm arose.  One of the Persian slaves, who had never been off land before, began to weep and moan and cried out in such terror that no one could reassure him. At last the pasha called out angrily, “Is there no one aboard who can quiet this coward?” A philosopher, who happened to be on the vessel, said, “With your permission, sir, I think can quiet this man.” “Proceed,” said the pasha. The philosopher observed the chattering slave and summoned several sailors. “Throw him into the water.” They threw the salve into the water.  He began to drown, thrashing around wildly, and his screams were terrible to hear. “Now pull him back aboard,” said the philosopher. The sailors hauled the slave back onto the ship.  He clung to the deck, panting and frightened, but silent. The pasha impressed but mystified, asked the philosopher, “How do you explain this?” To which the wise man replied, “Before he had a taste of drowning, he could not appreciate …

The Wisdom of John – Christian . Leo Rosten

1 The Wisdom of John – Christian
When the beloved Apostle John was getting on in years, his disciples would sit in a circle before him each morning and hear from him a sermon about the life and the teachings of Christ.  Then the disciples would venture forth to preach the gospel, one by one, wherever they could find men to listen. Each day the young disciples drew from John’s words some central thought; and each day they set out seeking converts and built their message around the thought that John had given them.  Year by year they spread the word and saw the faithful multiply. One day, it is said, a group of new and eager disciples came to John and asked, “ What truth do you give us now to carry to the people?” John was silent for a while, and the young men waited expectantly.  At last John spoke.  “Tell the people this:  ‘Children, love ye one another.’” Disappointment clouded the faces of the young disciples, and they regarded one another unhappily. “Why do you look disappointed?”asked J…

The Bishop's Beggar

The Bishop’s Beggar By:  In Issue:
First published in The Saturday Evening Post on February 14, 1942 Bishop’s Beggar illustration by Mead Schaeffer, February 14, 1942 It seems that in the old days there was a bishop of Remo, and he was a heedless and proud young man, though of good intentions. Now, that was possible in those days, when the fire and light of the new learning had spread through Italy and men drank, as if intoxicated, at