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Love of My Life

Love of My life

Rebecca can never deny the privilege of being in love. Yet the pain remains everytime she remembers that her marriage didn’t work. She knew what happened was far beyond her wildest dreams and nobody was to be blamed. Now, she’s convinced that man and woman are of equal footing. This led to a deeper secret of her life.

She was totally unaware of her beauty until the time that she had seen enough of her suitors in the category of fire. Several would be present and actively bidding.

“Ma’am Rbecca it’s nice to see you again.”

“Have we met before?”

“Yes in the Computer Lane CafĂ©. You left your notebook and I was the onw who found it. I’m Edgar Arambulo.”

“Oh yes, I remember.”

“How’s the down-to-earth educator?”

“I can’t believe that is me. But yes, I’m fine and feeling better everytime I see you.”

Edgar Arambulo blushed. He was the guy from the military academy. Rebecca was attracted to his revealing muscles the first time she saw him. He was a gentleman. But s…

My Neighborhood: The Manila Flood of Homosexuality

My Neighborhood: The Manila Flood of Homosexuality

Perhaps the souls of those we’ve lost do indeed take refuge in inanimate objects. Or maybe, they’re in some people who are open to discover the mysteries of life.

The homosexuals.

Manila is where I live. It is a noisy neighborhood. It is a place where so many have worked, explored, and drank. It is a place of fashion and big schools, the place where best people meet – man, woman, and gay.

I asked my city, “Are they confused solitary rebels? Is being a gay a debunking scare term?”

Until Arnold came into my life.

For so many years, Arnold had been my best friend. We shared common interests and we had fun together. Arnold always acted in a respectable manner and was a gentleman. I thought his sex appeal was oozing. He had strings of girlfriends because women liked him for his being of reason and intellect. Sometimes, what made him confident was his air of arrogance. This ignited my envy of his strong status.

One night Arnold…



Michael and Lora were friends. They have met only in the bus going to the province. Michael was a typical guy in his late 20’s with a good physique while Lora was in her early 30’s but very charming. During the trip, both stole glances from each other until a good conversation ensued.

“Hi! I’m Michael Santos. May I know your name?”

“Lora Camus.” And she smiled.

“I’m going to get off in Naga and it’s good to be back home,” Michael said.

“Me, too. But I’m going to work at the same time because I’ll be doing a research.”

Both were excited. They enjoyed the conversation and then traded calling cards.

Months passed.

Back in Manila, Michael rang Lora.

“Hello, may I speak to Ms. Lora?”

“Yes, I’m Lora. May I know who is calling?”

“Michael Santos.”

“Michael! I’m glad you called. How are you?

“I’m fine. But not so fine that’s why I called you up.”

“My girlfriend just left me.” I don’t know… We recently had a fight. Maybe it’s for good.”

“Of course.”

Suddenly there was sil…

Rebecca, Three Scary Stories in Filipino


Kuwento ni Rose Flores – Martinez
30 Piling Kuwento 2003
Editor: Danilo S.Meneses
Introduksiyon ni : Reynaldo S. Duque

Makikita pa rin ang maraming bundok sa daan papuntang Bicol. Hindi maikakaila ang masukal na mga lugar. Sa bintanang salamin ay matatanaw ang lumang simbahan, na parang makapapasong tingkad ng liwanag, dala ng sinag ng pusyawing asul na ilaw ng krus sa gilid ng bundok.

Hindi ko maitago ang pagkamangha sa ganda ng kislap ng pusyawing asul na ilaw ng krus, hindi rin makapagsisinungaling ang aking damdamin.

Maganda nga, napakaganda ng kinang ng liwanag, ngunit sayang at hindi ko man lamang nadama ang hiwaga nito. Malamig ang dampi ng hangin sa paligid, may init ang sinag ng pusyawing asul na ilaw – katulad ng magkahalong lungkot at saya na aking nararamdama. Kung hindi nga lamang dahil kay Lola Basya …

Ano iyon? Mga ibong gubat? Marami pa ring ang mga kikik na nakakubli sa hinganteng mga punong kahoy sa gilid ng kabunkukang aming dinaraanan, pumupuno sa …