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Love of My Life

Love of My life

Rebecca can never deny the privilege of being in love. Yet the pain remains everytime she remembers that her marriage didn’t work. She knew what happened was far beyond her wildest dreams and nobody was to be blamed. Now, she’s convinced that man and woman are of equal footing. This led to a deeper secret of her life.

She was totally unaware of her beauty until the time that she had seen enough of her suitors in the category of fire. Several would be present and actively bidding.

“Ma’am Rbecca it’s nice to see you again.”

“Have we met before?”

“Yes in the Computer Lane CafĂ©. You left your notebook and I was the onw who found it. I’m Edgar Arambulo.”

“Oh yes, I remember.”

“How’s the down-to-earth educator?”

“I can’t believe that is me. But yes, I’m fine and feeling better everytime I see you.”

Edgar Arambulo blushed. He was the guy from the military academy. Rebecca was attracted to his revealing muscles the first time she saw him. He was a gentleman. But she was cautious. This might be another trap.

“No, not again.”

Rebecca’s eyes turned dreamy. She has never been luncky in her love affairs after her failed marriage and her many attempts to fall in love. She always chose the wrong guy. Good she didn’t lhave kids so what she did was to transform all her energies into work.

She tried to compose herself while remiscing the past. “OK, I have to go. Just get in touch.”

“I’ll ring you up tonight!” Edgar shouted.

Ringggggg! Rebecca grabbed the phone.

“Hello, good evening!”

“Hello, good evening Rebecca. This is Edgar.”

“I’m glad you called. What’s keeping you busy then?”

“Little work to do and thoughts of you.”

Rebeccas laughed to hide her confusion. A deep timbre in his voice reverberated in her chest. She knew she had a different feeling for Edgar.

“Can I treat you for dinner tomorrow?” Edgar asked.

“OK,” she answered in a nervous voice.”

“I’ll pick you up at 6pm.”

“G..Goo…Goodnight!” Rebecca hanged the phone.

Edgar and Rebecca became the best of friends, for day, for months, for years. Every time Edgar went to Manila he brought Rebecca to dine out. Their friendship evolved in a deeper bonding where mortal interest seem to be a sacrifice. Come the eve of Rebecca’s birthday in September, Edgar visited her. She had never been happy all her life. The nearness and the fresh manly scent of Edgar filled her head. She felt like a woman again.

Looking back, she tried to calm her emotions and put a safe distance between herself and this man.

“Happy birthday,” Edgar kissed her on the cheeks.

Rebeccas was dazzled by the warmth in his voice. Filled with concern his eyes searched hers until their li[s kissed tenderly. Rebecca couldn’t resist. What ws unexpected happened. Rebecca was caught in Edgar’s hard broad chest, as she gasped in breathless relief.

After the night, Rebecca though everything was over. She thought Edgar was also one of them. Men are the same. She tried to ignore the frightening and sweet memories because after all, she was capable of doing things on her own.

Months passed. Edgar came back.. He was still the same old Edgar. His rich masculine voice was as pleasing as his good looks. Rebecca’s mind began to race forming thoughts that totally countered what had been.

/rosalinda flores martinez
Old fiction
posted 10.12.09

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