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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad




By Rosalinda Flores and Ben Crisp

The coffee was still too hot, so I cradled the foam cup between my knees and lit my last cigarette.

My last ever, I promised myself, as I had done the day before.

The park was mostly empty. The sun had not yet crept above the horizon, to burn the dirty greyness from the dawn sky, and it would be at least an hour before the rest of the city left the their homes to brave another miserable taglamig day outside.

There had been reports of another journalist shot in Manila. I had long grown used to such news, acknowledging it with a kind of postured indifference that my ex-girlfriend had found no comfort in. It didn’t matter to her that I was relegated to the smallest sections of the sports pages; I was white, and besides, could not an outraged sports fan be just as violent as a vengeful gangster or deranged terrorist? She was probably right. Still, I found comfort in my own sense of insignificance. Speaking barely a word of Filipino, and – som…


Dear Poets: May I Leave A Comment? Thank You.

To: Sir William C. Williams (on The Descent)

Descent is the moon that wanes beneath darkness

Clouds, gray nights of cold

Like a love unrequited

Like tales untold

Like throes hiding under shadows

Like dreams unrealized burrow

Etched is truth, there lies abyss

Lonely lilacs surrender peace.

To Mr. R. Eberhart (on Grave Piece)

Death nigh unto life, lay questions of tomorrow

Four doves in the grave, blight then, now sorrow

O crystal Tear, of all be near, I shall not fear, I shall not fear!

To: Mr. W.H. Auden (on Perhaps)

Your “barren virtuous marriage of stone and water”

Is a ring in my heart where name and image meet.

You paint a soothing ocean in the summer

Black stones glittering gold cobwebs ponder

Underneath stones sparkling ripples of kiss

My lips supple - still, pure pink for your love

Lithe for your flesh; be for you, Dear love.

To: Sir Dylan Thomas (on After the Funeral)

Could there be a love like Michael Furey’s love?


A Remembrance


Dear Jesus, hear our prayers.

The LIST of my professor in one of his newspaper columns -

scared me -

while i read the names of the dead one by one.

It was a frightening suspense - when those dear to you

slowly leave...

The world is a big race track

Our footprints soon, in earth and water.

Eternal rest grant unto the faithful departed, O Lord

And let they perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

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