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They were sisters Juline, 46, a widow and Clara, 34, separated with two young sons.  Clara lived in a second-floor apartment facing a small park. Juline’s apartment was directly across the park, also on the second floor. The two women could look out their windows and chance would have it, catch a glimpse of each other – but they rarely bothered, for they saw each other regularly at a much closer range.

Every week day, while Clara was at work, Juline took care of the boys after school; she took care of them on school holidays, as well and when they were sick.  She loved the boys so much because she had no children. On Sundays, Juline had lots of date though.  Men were crazy about her, always had been – and not because she was a great beauty, for she wasn’t.
Juline had a way with boys that Clara, at different times before her life, had admired and envied; had imitated unsuccessfully, and had finally learned to accept as one of the great differences between herself and her …

Moby Dick by Herman Melville


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Once we made love and again, a concession of love my homage to Love.
His eyes were pleading aplomb.  His heart, adoring, stunning even the rain.  His hands were quick that held my breasts.  He could not speak, my hands, he kissed.  He closed his eyes, his heart searched    warmth.  His mouth chanting, nailed me down.  Our tongues kissed, we whispered love, a roar of life, away from strife. Slowly, every letter of his yearning, etched in me, bent enough, to carve radiance and chronicles. Every letter of his moan, his name, a music of quiet.   Both of us were tied and isolated a minute,  isolated in spaces of rain, a minute.   We drowned, letting go of our doubts to a flight, like vines flawless of departures.  We chanted on air, of sky, of Genesis, a cabala of generations, a reborn of fists.  Soon, a grave, our breakable flesh will sleep, but unfading love in Grace fierce, shall arise.

He loved me. And again, a concession of love. Do you still love me?
/arrowtarget. Rosev…



comes in mist, in tears of hope, 
at dawn, in bloom, and in - darkness;

when there is nothing but a flame
and naked nights in an embrace 
of a full moon. 

Love comes so 
beautiful after wars, when everyone 

can drink freely, when there 
is peace and I am nothing 
but dust, and chipping coals 

begging the skies. 

about the author:

/ arrowtarget quote from the poem dead fire by rosevoc2.  both are my pen names.  thank you.  thank GOD it's Friday!

Corridors of Gold


When, in the Blessed Sacrament of Gold, 

Nested in the hours of longing

Breathed in me mercy

It was in the corridors -

/ a  quote from the poem corridors of gold by rosevoc2

The Catcher In The Rye2


The Catcher In The Rye 1


The Great Gatsby 2


The Great Gatsby 1


On May 23, 2013. A Photo And A Poem

A Promise and Clothes of TimeSeptember 9,2010


The first thing to do is burst

My heart, my soul, my mind

The tiny breath of life let blow, let flow

In the sublime gift of sky wind and water

My feet arising from the ocean’s bottom

Will walk the waves of the earth and stones,

The galaxy my playground

I will run in both ends of North and South

East and West, time and dreams

Stars one by one will bounce like twinkles of diamonds

I will come naked -

Playing in the wind,

In the forest dawn till dusk

Sun and moon will be the pins of my hair

Flowers will dance with me

In spring and autumn

And in the summer, its breeze will free

All the kisses I have kept

Through the years,

Those I have saved and endured for you


I still cry

My tears couldn’t stop

They’re like waves that return to the shore

GOD’s watchin’

He saw how I bruised and scarred the planets

And how aliens chained me, when I could have

Exploded cities

Instead of hiding from wars

Guns were out there seizing everything I had

That was you

I haven’t grown

All I wanted…

Maroon 5 - One More Night


Yale Courses (You Tube): Blood Meridian


Puss In Boots


My Favorite Things




God grant - your Holy Spirit, fill
move hearts with zeal, live life with thrill.
Bleak days of tests and drought, be gone
Dare thunder out, and chores be done.

My dearest one God, and Father of
the Universe, come dear - to us all!
Sweet love and fun, thy Kingdom, stay!
Scarred hands of time be healed, I pray.

Most Sacred Heart, my light, my love!
When drops of red, the deep sea sobs
I understand, those tides, your kiss
Most Sacred Heart, your love, my bliss!

evanescence by arrowtarget. bliss