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Wuthering Heights 2/2


Wuthering Heights 1/2



Final Round The Miracle
by Ben Crisp and Rose Flores 

“Yes,” I said, gesturing pointlessly down the street as I crossed to her.  “I… you left it at the park.” “Thank you,” she said, reaching out a hand to take it.  She brushed a loose strand of hair back and squinted at me.  “I have no money, sorry.  But thank you.” “No, you don’t… I didn’t want a reward.  Are you alright?  You look upset.” She turned away, and I wondered how I could be so direct to this perfect stranger. “I’m sorry,” I said.  “I’m inquisitive.” “OK,Yankee Steve.  I have to go now,” she said, and started to walk.A stupid, mad chuckle escaped my mouth and I caught it quickly in my hand as I chased after her.  “No, not… it means I’m nosy.  I’m curious, sorry.  Like a cat, you know.” She stopped and squinted at me again, as though wondering whether to smile at this insane white man or not.  Then she pointed at my nose.  “Curiosity kills the cats.” “Yes it does,” I said, nodding.  “Do you want a coffee?” She turned and started walki…