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Careless Whisper. George Michael


A Portrait Of My Dad A man of courage with strong back.
of clean nails and tender hands
of well-combed hair and Old Spice
of red lips and heart so wise;

of sad eyes, but happy will
of yellow teeth and firm nose
of laughing cheeks and warm chest
of walking feet and Sunday's best.

My Dad's a prize from Heaven up!
In God's delight, a family -
of work and lessons everyday
And love for all, he'd always say.

To Hannibal, he left me then
to Sacred Heart - I don't know when
and peace and love for all to pray
be strong in faith, the angels say!

P. S.
I love you, Daddy. May you and all the faithful departed rest with GOD forever.  rose flores rosevoc2

Gertrude Stein: Melanctha

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Gertrude Stein: Melanctha By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez
I slept with Gertrude Stein, but I'm not gay.
It had been a controversy in my temples, this "gay" thing, but I'm not gay. It is because I read gay books, I work with gays, and I just love their sense of being true to themselves; but I'm not gay "Because gays," says a psychologist "have got sex with the same gender." So if you have not sex with the same gender: you are not gay.
And as for me, I am no Gertrude Stein, but I adore her because I love how she puts her words into music. I like how she pushes through with the good possibilities, and write that appealing clean stories for all to read.
"3 Lives" is the unforgettable stories of three women told with poignancy and compassion by one of the most important writers of our century," says Donald Sutherland, a noted actor with a major in Drama.
Melanctha is a girl loved by everyone, and has done pretty go…