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Is The Hair Really A Crowning Glory?

Truly, this saying goes for all time.

Many of us spend a lot of time on our hair. Some make oil from fresh coconut milk and apply them on the hair for luster and strength boost once every week. Old people say that fresh coconut milk is for nourishing the scalp and to prevent falling hair. Some say it is to maintain color or deep blackness.

How true is the hair myth using mayonnaise?

How about coconut oil, mineral oil, lemon, or native citrus fruits?

Some say that stuff could help like the aloe vera plant could help grow thick hair strands.

On mayonnaise for the hair, specialists say that mayonnaise for the hair is a waste. There are proper products specifically designed according to the degree of sensitization of one's hair, whether it's normal, dry, very sensitive or damaged.

Dandruff can be prevented by normalizing the shedding off of dead cells. The hair needs external help, just as food nourishes the body. We need to use some beauty products to make the scalp calm down, says a hair expert.

Survey shows that too much pork is bad for the scalp because it causes scalp allergy which leads to severe dandruff problems.

Indeed, hair care is important as having a healthy body. There is no substitute for eating the right foods for good health. The myth about mayonnaise for the hair is not true. It is for the stomach. It is not for your hair.

Throughout history, the hair signifies significant events in people's lives. In the story about Samson and Delilah, Samson took great care of his long hair. When the hair was cut, he lost his strength.

In ancient tradition, women were supposed to maintain them longer. In Asian culture, for example, noblewoman has to adorn more trinkets or pins on her hair. People long ago wore wigs. Today, everyone can create any unique hairstyle or color as to his/her own whim.

Truly, the hair is a crowning glory. It plays a large part in a person's personality.

Here's my experience.

I am not an expert, but I had all sorts of hairstyles. I have discovered from my experiences that mild soap or shampoo could be used.

Conditioner should be used only twice or thrice because they make the hair thinner.

Dandruff shampoo should be milder and not to be used often because they could damage the scalp.

Hot oil application is not advisable everyday, but as necessary.

Coloring should at least have three or four month interval. Henna is good for those with allergy and those with sensitive skin. I could tell because I'm not getting any younger, but I have long and thick hair that could be brushed up or let down.

Moreover, my mother cried when she lost her hair from chemotherapy. Aside from the pain and gain of chemotherapy, she lamented for her crown and said "I've lost my hair." See how important the hair is? She bought a stunning brown wig then; a stunning brown wig as her hair.

rose flores martinez
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stations of the Cross in Poem Prayer

September 21, 2010

Stations of the Cross in Poetry Prayer

Station 1: Jesus is condemned to death

You were betrayed Jesus
Even by trusted friends
Still shows us charity 
Life for us you mend

Your power brings to serve
People you call your own 
Condemned to death, for us
A Father’s promise sown 

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 2:  Jesus bears his cross

Cross, you bear means love
Almighty’s gift to the world
Jesus, brother, keeper
To journey with us, Lord

You became man
Mercy for humanity
Sky and earth unite
Miracle flowing sanctity

Jesus on the Cross, by your love heal us.

Station 3:  Jesus falls the first time

Lord, let us hold you
Lord, let us rise with you
Power in humility                                   
Shows us to be true

No man is perfect
Only God - is
Lord Jesus, as example
If fallen, hold to peace

Jesus on the cross, by your love heals us.

Station 4:  Jesus meets his mother

What grief for a mother
What grief for a child
What grief for a beloved
Alone in sorrow, Jesus guides

Feel us Jesus
In sorrow and isolation
But God’s will is best
Have mercy in temptation

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 5:  Jesus is helped by Simon

Simon of Cyrene, hail to God
Courage and cross you lifted
Bridge to us from heaven
Angel signs we’re gifted

And so we come in prayer
Flesh, thoughts, and our hearts
Your holy cross dear Jesus
To us don’t ever part.

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 6:  Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Saint, Oh Saint Veronica
Ring bells to God’s workers
Crown of thorns on Holy face
Hope and bliss, His blood carves

O, poor Face we love you
Face of  beauty, Face of light
In suffering and brokenness
Sacred Face of  might

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 7:  Jesus falls a second time

My Lord! My God! My Savior!
We trust our lives in Thee
You know how weak we all are
We beg, we beg, we plea

My Lord! My God!
Be here to servants frail
Hold me, hold us
O’er wind we fly, on sea we sail

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 8:  Jesus speaks to the women

Help us to love Mother Mary
You longed your  parents, too
The crowd, are us, your family
How precious all to you

Speak to us, we long for Thee
The bravest soldier frees
From sin and wars
Your words a bomb and keys

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 9:  Jesus falls a third time

Race and blows
The third’s the final count
Your sacrifice, a painful lash
Forgive our sins abound

Hold tight hold, dear Jesus
Please - do not let go
These eyes are full of tears
Wash us white as snow

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 10:  Jesus is stripped of his garments

When all is done for love
So fair and pure the nakedness
And all that Christ gave
T’ was peace for all and happiness

Strip all, be all
We ask You for nothing
Let You alone fill  us
Christ, O Christ be everything!

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 11:  Jesus is nailed to the cross

Nails piercing us
First pierced on you
Nations already won
Sacred Cross on earth anew

Man and tides pushing rocks
When life cries in pain
Trials come harrowing
Lord let Your Kingdom reign.

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

How You loved us, Jesus; How great, You are God’s Son
How You loved us, Jesus; How great, You are God’s Son:

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do
Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise
Woman, this is your son. And this is your mother
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
I thirst
It is finished.”

Then, Jesus cried out in a loud voice
“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 12:  Jesus dies on the cross

Tomorrow’s death so scary
Life today we pray
Us - forever with you Jesus
With Almighty Father lay

Jesus how we love you
Let us see Thy face
Forgive us in transgressions
A Holy Cross wins grace

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 13:  Jesus is taken from the cross

God’s justice stark in love
Priests on temples pray
Breath of  Holy Spirit blows
Forever brothers all we stay

Body whole and pure
No evil can defeat
The triumph of the cross
For holy workers banquet

Jesus on the cross, by your love heal us.

Station 14:  Jesus is laid in the tomb

Love never fails; never ends
The Holy Bible writes
Wake us up dear Jesus
At dawn, resurrect flight

We adore you O Christ
Have mercy -
Your holy cross be salvation
Hearts with Thee forever, have mercy. 

Jesus on the cross , by your love heal us.

We love you.
I love you.

Rosalinda Flores - Martinez, 2010

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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Short Story: Word Count

The short story is normally between 1,000 to 5,000 words. Before this 21st century the popular selling length was 3,000 words.

There are lots of short stories around, and its main characteristic is vividness. Is it a narrative that involves one unified episode or related events. It has a plot (that is the beginning, middle, end). The plot involves rising action(conflict), climax (turning point), falling action (denouement) and/or conclusion (resolution). The elements of fiction among others are theme, setting, character, points of view, style and voice, and symbolism.

When I made my first fiction story (way back graduate school days), I had all sorts of mixed feelings inside my stomach. I even felt, I was in a different world. Some might think it funny, but I thank my writing teachers and editors for helping me get through with it.

Professor Bisa after an exam of writing one story spontaneously, told me that the story was acceptable, but it was not clearly written, for I had many erasures. At least, it was only a matter of good handwriting. A good format is required, as well.

I had written some stories in Filipino, and with a group of other noted and hard-working writers. To hone skills in fiction writing, comments and support from other skilled writers press the creative talents and truly help the exploring fiction writer.

Using one's own language in the short story (native tongue), gives that stark feeling of something really biting. I don't know what that means. Way back, trying to write children's stories for some TV episodes was fun, especially when doing the brainstorming method to be able to write a good story on TV. However, I did not pursue with that aspect.

Short stories (fiction) are majestic to write, but some find it scary. For me, it's more scary than writing simple poems, letters, or magazine articles. I owe my teachers a lot, the editors, and my writer friends, where finding my true self. May God bless them and all the writers and teachers giving inspiration to the readers everyday.

Sir Duque and the editors were so kind and gave free seminars to a writer's group helping them to improve the craft of fiction writing. A writer has to write more and more because what would one improve if he/she hasn't written anything.

The duty of a devoted writer is to produce a rich harvest of works, so the teachers' toil and effort would not come to waste.

Let us write now! Try.

The Boy Who Carried the Sack of Rice

What do you carry?

Books, food, or extra pair of shoes are inside your bag, and many other things.

We all carry a lot. Thank God for the stuff we carry.

This morning though, I saw a boy around 17 or 18 years old. He was carrying a sack of rice on his back.

Perhaps he was working. I assumed he was a boy to deliver rice to people and households, who were ordering from nearby villages. He had no bike, no van ride, no cart. He was just walking. Poor boy!

For awhile he stood there at the corner, and maybe he was waiting for someone. Maybe he was resting. My reporters instinct prodded me to ask him questions, but I didn't attempt because I felt I would be disturbing him at work. Instead, what I did was to stare at him from head down to his slippers. I couldn't avoid touching his arm, and said "Can you carry it?

And he answered "Yes."

Then I distanced myself. The boy might be wondering. "Who is this woman? Why would she ask me?"

Until now, the boy's figure could not be deleted in my head. He was a picture of a boy working so hard to earn something. That boy gave me a thought about other young boys who worked well. I just feel sorry for them because they have got no parents, nor relatives to help them go to school. Maybe. There really are teen-agers who should be in school right now but because of poverty they opted to work.

These problems bug many of us. Though many of us are not rich and couldn't do big things, we desire to help. But don't worry because little acts of kindness will do. Little acts of prayers will do. Little acts of help and inspiration will do. Inspiring others can be steps for them to face their own struggles in life. Kindness and inspiration can serve as light so others bereft of love or short of material property. These would move them farther, let them make their own goals, and let them live everyday with meaning.

The boy was wearing an ordinary green shirt, and for me he was a promising young man. I just can't memorize how he looked, but I could remember how he worked. For a few minutes, he carried that load of rice on his back to make our world turn. He was a true superman! He was an angel!

Dear God see the desires of every young heart, especially those who are poor.
Bless them and all those who would share little and big things to them.
Bless us in the roads we would pass.

rose flores martinez

Symbols: Birds, The Black Swan and Ducks

"The Black Swan" garners 5 academy award nominations: best picture, best actress, best director, best cinematography, and best film editing. The movie, in this season, is the talk of popular culture.

Natalie Portman wins Best Actress, and Darren Aronofsky wins Best Director. It also gets the Best Ensemble Screen Actor's Guild nomination.

Many viewers comment that the story comes so sad.

Wenzi, a young professional says, " The after-effect feeling got a grip."

Macmac, a trader says, "It is a true work of art."

A. The plot is a drama-thriller that shows more symbolism. Focusing on the feather that grows from the body, twitching sizes, colors, and scenes freeze a picture in the mind creating an effect of something real and felt. The self-touching, some blood drip, and the sex play are not growls, but rightly built in the story. They flow naturally and artful. The cutting of the nails gives the severe effect on some scenes showing a dilemma in the character's personality. In the end, Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) conflict with herself becomes solved in performing, a dual personality that of a swan: the white swan and the black swan. Darren Aronofsky makes an appealing work of art.

Nina tells her mentor Thomas (Vincent Cassel) after the dance, "I have felt it." Though Thomas, the other dancers, the audience, Nina's Mom (Barbara Hershey) and Lily (Mila Kunis) her rival swan, give an applause; everyone comes to a "Why did you do that?"

Remembering the story of Hans Christian Andersen about the "Ugly Duckling" who is lost with another set of ducks tell about a struggle in personality. The other ducks do not accept her, but becomes mean to her and calls her ugly duckling since the differences in the looks and way of preferences. Later, the ugly duckling finds her true self, but away from where she comes from. Everyone finds out the ugly duckling is the most beautiful swan in the lake.

B. The Swan (Wikipedia)
The Black Swan is the official bird emblem of Western Australia. In Hindu mythology, the swan (hamsa) vehicle of Saraswati represents grace, wisdom, and beauty. In Catholicism, it can be an owl (bird family) as for wisdom. Also Swan Lake Story by Russian ballet patriarch Fyodor Lopukhoy.

C. Thought
Birds, as God's creations, play a large part in human history. Different feathered groups connote various significant symbols: food (chicken), freedom (dove), omen (crow), eagle (power), owl (wisdom), peacock (beauty), gull (manifestation of life), among others. And there are a lot more, as heron, swan, and duck. Also, birds come close to the bat that is a flying mammal, and the horse that flies (in fairy tales and mythology). And how about winged creatures like beautiful fairies in Peter Pan?

And what can you say of the guardian angels that has wings?

Truly, the enchantment of wings, feathers, and flight!

rose flores martinez

The Lizard

How do we value animals?


"If a person is kind to animals, he/she is kind to people."

"If a person hurts animals, he/she is a bad guy."

Thought: Maybe

There are many ways as how to care for animals because they help people and give balance to life. In fact, some are for food and nourishment, some are pets, and some are just there to look after the earth.

There had been questions about dog eaters from various animal advocates. In Korea and Vietnam, tradition allows the people to eat dogs. In the Philippines, some people eat dogs, too, as in the novel of Jessica Hagedorn's "Dogeaters," that raised cultural issues.

Of course, it's usually the males who eat the dogs during drinking sprees. Some people say they are delicacy and/or for stamina. In various countries, exotic foods include ants, crickets, snake, snails, and a lot more; even Froggies and the farm Mickey mouse.

And so God gave us food.

This morning, I saw a baby lizard in the sink. It was cute and so tiny that it could drown in the soap suds of the stuff I'm washing. Before, I was mean at these, but maybe I'm gaining a little wisdom to be friends with some species that sometimes scare us. I found out they aren't scary. They're just wandering in that place, and wouldn't want to disturb us. Lizards are one of the most beautiful creatures because they capture insects that bite. Also, elders say that they're earth disciples, and that is why they kiss the earth at 6 o'clock. At six is the angelus and a time of prayer.

And so the lizard and I were together near the sink. I washed slowly the small fabrics, and was careful in changing and throwing the water from my small basin because I might drown the cute lizard. I reached out for a hanger to let the lizard crawl going up, but it didn't. It just stayed locked on the walls like pictures and shapes hanging on the wall. It was the first time, I did things slowly because I couldn't be so slow. Yes, everyone is busy and like the others, I'm time conscious. I count every minute and would even do several activities at the same time. And so I soaped, bubbled, and rinsed, and rinsed again, and rinsed for the last time. I turned the faucet on and off to let the lizard know the danger of staying there. Someone might splash in a lot of water. I finished the stuff and them let dry under the sun. I checked on the lizard, but it was gone.

Thank you, lizard for being with me in the sink and pointing to me that animals understand the heart, too.

Thank you, God for all the creations.

rose flores martinez

Some Prayers

My Chemical Romance, thank you. A blessed day to all. (iwrotefiction)

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