Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lizard

How do we value animals?


"If a person is kind to animals, he/she is kind to people."

"If a person hurts animals, he/she is a bad guy."

Thought: Maybe

There are many ways as how to care for animals because they help people and give balance to life. In fact, some are for food and nourishment, some are pets, and some are just there to look after the earth.

There had been questions about dog eaters from various animal advocates. In Korea and Vietnam, tradition allows the people to eat dogs. In the Philippines, some people eat dogs, too, as in the novel of Jessica Hagedorn's "Dogeaters," that raised cultural issues.

Of course, it's usually the males who eat the dogs during drinking sprees. Some people say they are delicacy and/or for stamina. In various countries, exotic foods include ants, crickets, snake, snails, and a lot more; even Froggies and the farm Mickey mouse.

And so God gave us food.

This morning, I saw a baby lizard in the sink. It was cute and so tiny that it could drown in the soap suds of the stuff I'm washing. Before, I was mean at these, but maybe I'm gaining a little wisdom to be friends with some species that sometimes scare us. I found out they aren't scary. They're just wandering in that place, and wouldn't want to disturb us. Lizards are one of the most beautiful creatures because they capture insects that bite. Also, elders say that they're earth disciples, and that is why they kiss the earth at 6 o'clock. At six is the angelus and a time of prayer.

And so the lizard and I were together near the sink. I washed slowly the small fabrics, and was careful in changing and throwing the water from my small basin because I might drown the cute lizard. I reached out for a hanger to let the lizard crawl going up, but it didn't. It just stayed locked on the walls like pictures and shapes hanging on the wall. It was the first time, I did things slowly because I couldn't be so slow. Yes, everyone is busy and like the others, I'm time conscious. I count every minute and would even do several activities at the same time. And so I soaped, bubbled, and rinsed, and rinsed again, and rinsed for the last time. I turned the faucet on and off to let the lizard know the danger of staying there. Someone might splash in a lot of water. I finished the stuff and them let dry under the sun. I checked on the lizard, but it was gone.

Thank you, lizard for being with me in the sink and pointing to me that animals understand the heart, too.

Thank you, God for all the creations.

rose flores martinez

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