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September  10, 2012
August Nights
Tomorrow I will be hanged. I woke up ‘coz physical urgency has to go A picture of Golgotha To Trinity be praised My blood, water to arid mesh Brushed, perfumed my breath Tomorrow, after today it will be done Washed my hands, foamed untouched Because tomorrow, I will ascend Lined pillows like jets From the sepulcher of mind Checked locks and loops My agonies long offered for you Then hot water in a cup, for one Will reap fields of golden pears Sat for a while, and folded knees in front Jesu and Hannibal My bequest - Tomorrow, after today, I will be a different person Might be late, bustled like a horse And now in my summit Some plaster on my ankle, slip feet into flip flops, legs into dark denim pants In my last remaining days – will be daring seventh tides A blue ring on my thumb, and one more sapphire Your heart and mine, in one arrow, pinned in God’s collar. 

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Faith, Love, Time and Dr. Lazaro by Greg Brilliantes

February 6, 2010


By: Greg Brillantes

From the upstairs veranda, Dr. Lazaro had a view of stars, the country darkness, the lights on the distant highway at the edge of town. The phonograph in the sala played Chopin – like a vast sorrow controlled, made familiar, he had wont to think. But as he sat there, his lean frame in the habitual slack repose took after supper, and stared at the plains of night that had evoked gentle images and even a kind of peace (in the end, sweet and invincible oblivion), Dr. Lazaro remembered nothing, his mind lay untouched by any conscious thought, he was scarcely aware of the April heat; the pattern of music fell around him and dissolved swiftly, uncomprehended. It was as though indifference were an infection that had entered his blood it was everywhere in his body. In the scattered light from the sala his angular face had a dusty, wasted quality, only his eyes contained life. He could have remained there all evening, unmov…


THE CINEMA art entertainment review reference 1. Watching Kingdom of Heaven,  I Remember I remember Jerusalem as the home of Christ. Christ is born in Bethlehem. He is crucified on the Hill of Calvary (now the altar of crucifixion), is buried in Golgotha (a place of skull), and on the third day, he arose again. I remember Jerusalem in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, I am a Christian. I honor the Wailing Wall (Western Wall) of the Jews. I weep in the wailing walls, the city of David, where Solomon built the temple. I mourn with them. In Jerusalem, a mosque stands over the spot from which Mohammed is said to have ascended to heaven. Abraham is said to have prepared to sacrifice Isaac on the same spot. I believe the Dome of the Rock. Hence, I remember Jerusalem, a place of prayer for all faiths. It is comforting to know that God has no favorites and his love for all manifests in the everyday conquest of our hearts and life journey. God, above all, strengthens us to be better beings everyday i…



An illusory of the night,
I come to you, somehow bizarre
Mysterious, not with fangs, nor claws
But steadfast arms and folded knees.
Words and letters, a sucker for
In recesses embed; so lean -
In thy heart I live, expire -
That love would stay, with you I lie.
Apart from scripts, I can't exist
Apart from rage, I wilt, desist.

Apart from you, will not persist
Apart from you, without the mist.
Read me, light me, bend me, now!
Deeply fire me, fierce as how -
You would an arrow to a
Hymen. Gently as you would
To bombs, careful as to fragile wicks,
The ageless angel fleeting lips.
Minds of seas, rose blossom comes
Ascending moon, blue clouds on bed.

Tell me now, the Phallic Force
Tell me now, 'die Wahlverwandschaften? '
Show me fire, air, water, earth
Breathed on the mirror of my
Coffin. Trace with your fingers
The shape of your mouth's kiss of
Cross and sacrifice. Tell me
About love. Show me heaven,
As lovely as eternity,
And loneliness when you sleep alone.

How strong, your thighs I hold so close

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