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The GOD Stealer by F. Sionil Jose

The God Stealer by F. Sionil Jose
The Ifugao rice terraces in Mountain Province, built by primitive natives through the centuries, are considered by many Filipinos as the Eight Wonder of the world.
-Philippine tourist folder

They were the best of friends and that was possible because they worked in the same office and both were young and imbued with a freshness in outlook. Sam Christie was twenty-eight and his Filipino assistant, Philip Latak, was twenty-six and was- just as Sam was in the Agency before he assumed his post-intelligent and industrious.
“That is to be expected,”the official whom Sam replaced explained, “because Philip is Ifugao and you don’t know patience until you have seen the rice terraces his ancestors built.”
“You will find”’ sam Christie was also told,”That the Igorot, like the Ilocanos, no matter how urbanized they are, entertain a sense of inferiority. Not Philip.He is proud of his being Ifugao. He tells all about it first chance he gets.”
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Dragon Riders

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