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The Emperor's New Clothes (Part 3 of 3) From You Tube


The Emperor's New Clothes (Part 2 of 3) From You Tube


The Emperor's New Clothes (Part I) From You Tube


Evanescence: Bring Me To Life (From You Tube)


Smile. Mwhas.




Seriously, Dear God -

In what place and time, did you nail me?
In what words, would you want me to
speak your truth?  In what acts, would
you want me to manifest your will?

Forgive my little understanding that
couldn’t comprehend your glory.
How great you are!  How loving you are!
How merciful and kind!  Now hold a

child that grows old...Look at me, gaze
into my eyes!  Hear my complaints, know
my wishes! Make me strong in zeal!
Let me understand, I long to see -

your face - And how, every moment I
desire your love.  And so dear God,
I am flesh – frail and wanting.  Life,
seethed and culled; love, grown and scald.

God show me now, what’s best to do;
how I could live my life for you.
And as time passes quickly, make me
thrust dear Father, light and beauty -

In your grace, in your mercy - prayers!
And what’s inside our hearts aflame.
Glide me like birds up blue sky so high
Evanescent life, with you be nigh.

God grant - your Holy Spirit, fill
move hearts wit…

Elton John: The Circle of Life (From Your Tube)


A Filipino Folktale: The Turtle And The Monkey

A Filipino Folktale:  The Turtle and The Monkey
Retold by:  Rose Flores - Martinez
Let me name the characters Turtly and Minky.
Here is the folktale.
Once upon a time, Turtly and the Minky went around the forest to find a banana plant, so they could have something to eat. 
Minky chose to plant that part with leaves (upper part), while Turtly just got what was left available to him, the lower part with thick trunk. 
A few weeks later, Minky’s plant dried and wilted, but Turtly’s plant had produced a lot of banana fruits.
Minky said to Turtly, “ Since, you can’t go up the tree, I’ll harvest the bananas for you.  Just share some to me.”
“Okay,” Turtly said.  “We will divide the harvest equally.”
But then, up the tree, Minky ate all the bananas.  Proudly, he threw down Turtly, those yellow banana peelings so Turtly turned green with envy. 
Turtly, didn’t get mad.  Instead, he put a lot of thorns around the banana trunk.
So when Minky went down, he cried, “Ouch, ouch, ouch! You, Turtly! I will cu…

It's the Same for 2012: A Journey To Life; And The Show Must Go On

There were those times I've wondered why clowns cry when they're supposed to laugh. Those were the younger days.

In theaters, usually, there's a showcase of varied emotions painted on the artist's masks. The most popular of which are the two faces: a crying face and a laughing face. Usually, the colors of black and white are painted on the faces dividing it from top of the head down to the chin. I remember day and night, close to sun and moon. I remember life and death, when there's laughing and crying.

Perhaps, there were those times I got scared of these clowns, and that bite of sadness upon looking at their faces.

The clowns add happiness to parties and gatherings. Usually, kids like them, such as the burger clown, Jack in the Box, and carnival clowns in Disney.

But then, clowns can also be frightening as shown in thriller movies and artistic dramas. And don't forget funny and naughty Joker in Batman.

And who would not know the Hat man, portrayed by Joh…