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Some Poem and Prayers


Recipes for Children's Dreams

Among others, here are the best chefs who participated in the “Fund Raising Project for the realization of St. Hannibal’s Children Center.”
CYRILLE SOENEN Brasserie Cicou
TANKE TANTEKO Restaurant 1521
MARC CHALOPIN AOF – Enderun College
CHEONGYAN SEE Enderun College
MAURO ARJONA Uncle Cheffy and Blanc
MARC  AUBRY Champetre Restaurant
MARTIN KASPAR L’ Entrecote Restaurant
CHRIS LOCHER C-Italian Restaurant
HANS RUDOLF NEUKON The Palms Country Club, Alabang
COLIN MACKAY People’s Palace Restaurant
JEAN – PIERRE MIGNE Hans Gourmet S.I. at ADB
POLLY GARILAO Ms. Polly’s Specialty Cakes
ROSALIE VALERA Center Table Catering
PINKY ANONUEVO Pinky’s Goodies
VIC AND ELLIE AMISTOSO Roasted Calf Vaca de Leche
Philippe Bartholomi Century Park Hotel

Gregorian Chant


One Sweet Rain

Rain is my teardrop from sky’s glass castles From heaven it comes to your hands, it slides It lets you seek white clouds and up the sky Brush lashes, wipe eyes, each time you cry
Rain reminds you of a Great God, who cares It lets you feel my love, it whispers nigh How I adore, I keep your every kiss In my heart, when it rains, our love’s a bliss!
Rain, drops in the fields in time of sorrow Fill hearts with hope now and tomorrow Wash white as snow, tender, pure and fragrant The angels chant in the drum strings of rain

Rainbows form; magenta, pink, and blue Connecting valleys, cliffs, and mountains Splatter in river, shred showers of falls A baptism sudden in the dessert, calls
Rain, rain, let cradle your tired day I think of you, my life, in every way And when things come and seem to be unfair Let raindrops fall, your tear is mine to bear
Rain, rain I love you more, when it rains When together we’d hold like roots and lighting When together we’d hug like torrents, You and I;  one sweet rain from God's h…

Paradise by Coldplay (Thank you You Tube)


For Willie from RoseVoc2

For Willie November 22, 2011
You are God given Without you, I wouldn’t know What real love means
What is to be a mother What is to be strong How to love the rain How to gently touch dew on petals How to find joy in small things How to write letters How to kneel and pray
For me, you are a genius And you shared a lot And though your imperfections God, did the rest for you You never failed Because I have loved you All my life.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, We pray for the living and the dead  Have mercy on us, We trust in You.

James Morrison from You Tube.


St. Rita, pray for us. Thanks for sharing.


St. Rita of Casia