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An Ode To Silence

An Ode To Silence

Your silence is harp to me

When I travel into you, I feel so in love

Lifted on clouds, the hum of peace

Rotating the sun and moon

Like an angel

You are the music in my heart

You are my temples

Thrust your silence, say nothing

When you said nothing, your eyes

A strong ripple, bathed in me, bliss

I am at the level of your madness

So beautiful and free, bursting a kid’s laughter

I sleep in your eyes

I dwell in your heart

I am your miracle

Our love is a miracle

I come naked in your sigh, a secret garden

A pillow for your head

My breasts supple for your mouth

I have taken off, everything

Carry my bruised heart

And before we’d die our love

Would kiss enough

Your kisses, cherished by time

Diamonds and flowers, a rain

In the shadows of my grief

Hold me tight, be forever mine

Your kisses, the plight of my heart

They teach me all the languages

I can’t speak

The questions

I can’t answer

Those things, I do not know

They teach me everything

How to write

How to weave

How …

Train 69 by rosevoc2: For Vocations


Caramoan: St. Michael, pray for us.

RoseVoc2 in June 2012: IWroteFiction


Train 69

After a series of litanies, I am ready to die.

I am holding those things that will only suffice

For a day, after one journey over

No food, only a few drops of liquid to wet my throat

No movement inside my body. In me frozen.

Maybe, near death -

When the lights were on, the air went cold

The doors banged the walls

Latch and locks opened just in wars;

And darkness brushed our seats numb in fright!

Ah death, may be near

The archer next to me, guards like St. Michael

His hands were swift and strong

But no feelings, like in war

My fingers numb too, no shivers, just palms

Waiting for God's mercy and flame.

I could cry a flood of storms

But no, we have all struggled here

That old woman with a box, is a dragon

Her son, a monument of young blood

Her daughter, meek of heart

And the rest, holding on to an angel's promise.

I couldn't close my eyes;  eye and soul open

In the night, heart beating fast, mind awake

Hands clasping and counting hours until dawn, in

The hour of bliss and gr…

You - Still And Forever

You left without any bells
like a thief in the night

cool silent clouds on the doorstep, and
the fragrance of a baby's breath -

in an evening of my sad eyes.
I believe your cloak covers earth

and space; every corner of my home
and streets.  I shouted your name when

doors and gates closed, and I,  insanely
alone called the Sacred Heart, "Lord of

the Resurrection, where are you now?" 
And it is still You in all your different names.

It had always been You -
and forever.

first draft, june 5, 2012.1:30PM
rosevoc2 on iwrotefiction

Today, I Was In Vietnam

Today I was in Vietnam and

together, I sat beside everyone

beside you, beside you, beside you

and then in an empty corner.

How excited, I sipped a cup of

tea, cracked petals in my tongue,

red berries in my mouth

and then in an empty corner.

I rode the bike, but you had to drive

because my Dad said, 'Be careful with

your hymen.' And so, I never learned

how to ride the bike alone -

you had to drive for me all the time.

And then in an empty corner…

I wondered about your stories

You - were exciting!

Your thighs were strong when you kicked

your arms, muscled at work

your eyes - were the only eyes I'd die for.

I said 'Love hurts…'

And you laughed, 'Does it cut like a knife? '

And then in an empty corner…

All - I wanted was that empty corner

and when we made promises together.

I gave you my heart in that empty corner;

you swooned for it. We read.

Like angels fly, after the war,

all is free. Like waiting for a bus,

a long line of pleas and the face of a …