Friday, June 1, 2012

Today, I Was In Vietnam

Today I was in Vietnam and

together, I sat beside everyone

beside you, beside you, beside you

and then in an empty corner.

How excited, I sipped a cup of

tea, cracked petals in my tongue,

red berries in my mouth

and then in an empty corner.

I rode the bike, but you had to drive

because my Dad said, 'Be careful with

your hymen.' And so, I never learned

how to ride the bike alone -

you had to drive for me all the time.

And then in an empty corner…

I wondered about your stories

You - were exciting!

Your thighs were strong when you kicked

your arms, muscled at work

your eyes - were the only eyes I'd die for.

I said 'Love hurts…'

And you laughed, 'Does it cut like a knife? '

And then in an empty corner…

All - I wanted was that empty corner

and when we made promises together.

I gave you my heart in that empty corner;

you swooned for it. We read.

Like angels fly, after the war,

all is free. Like waiting for a bus,

a long line of pleas and the face of a lover,

engaged and married, a joy of bells!

Let me kiss your hands now, like you

were holding beads of stars. How I

pray, God would bless every moment

of your praise.

Today, I was in Vietnam

and then in that empty corner…

I said - You complete me.

Those beads in your hands set all free

And then in an empty corner...

I said - I love you.

'Oh, Thanh Hannibal, pray for us.

Send O Lord, holy apostles, into Your church.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust in you.'

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