Thursday, June 21, 2012

Train 69

After a series of litanies, I am ready to die.

I am holding those things that will only suffice

For a day, after one journey over

No food, only a few drops of liquid to wet my throat

No movement inside my body. In me frozen.

Maybe, near death -

When the lights were on, the air went cold

The doors banged the walls

Latch and locks opened just in wars;

And darkness brushed our seats numb in fright!

Ah death, may be near

The archer next to me, guards like St. Michael

His hands were swift and strong

But no feelings, like in war

My fingers numb too, no shivers, just palms

Waiting for God's mercy and flame.

I could cry a flood of storms

But no, we have all struggled here

That old woman with a box, is a dragon

Her son, a monument of young blood

Her daughter, meek of heart

And the rest, holding on to an angel's promise.

I couldn't close my eyes;  eye and soul open

In the night, heart beating fast, mind awake

Hands clasping and counting hours until dawn, in

The hour of bliss and grace.

Train 69!

I could remember the wails in Hondagua

When doors were locked and windows closed

And now - everything in the open

Snakes and terrorists might bite and bomb

But then, in the hand of the archer

I felt safe.  But then, I couldn't lay my head for comfort.

Even in my last breath, as I could still hold my packs in

danger:  No sleeping because my husband is waiting.

Honor for God is honoring a vow

Even in the most trying times, even near death

Like soldiers fighting for a country

Like brothers fighting for truth

Like marriage, untainted in grace

I shouldn't be the one; I am not the one worthy

Of these promises - I like to leave my cause

The agonies are horrible - but I must take the last train

I am boarded for this trip, and so, I have to go.

Weak knees, but daring heart to take an arrow

The archer with me - until I fall…

St. Michael, pray for us.

St. Hannibal, pray for us.

St. Peter, pray for us.

St. Benedict, pray for us.

Mama Mary, pray for us.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we trust in you.

And so the Father of all, comes  in prayers

In Train 69.

RoseVoc2 on iwrotefiction

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