Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On May 23, 2013. A Photo And A Poem

A Promise and Clothes of Time

September 9,2010


The first thing to do is burst

My heart, my soul, my mind

The tiny breath of life let blow, let flow

In the sublime gift of sky wind and water

My feet arising from the ocean’s bottom

Will walk the waves of the earth and stones,

The galaxy my playground

I will run in both ends of North and South

East and West, time and dreams

Stars one by one will bounce like twinkles of diamonds

I will come naked -

Playing in the wind,

In the forest dawn till dusk

Sun and moon will be the pins of my hair

Flowers will dance with me

In spring and autumn

And in the summer, its breeze will free

All the kisses I have kept

Through the years,

Those I have saved and endured for you


I still cry

My tears couldn’t stop

They’re like waves that return to the shore

GOD’s watchin’

He saw how I bruised and scarred the planets

And how aliens chained me, when I could have

Exploded cities

Instead of hiding from wars

Guns were out there seizing everything I had

That was you

I haven’t grown

All I wanted was a flower on my hair

And a kite to fly

My only desire was to chant

With waves and tides

With thunder and lighting

I still miss the bones of your hands

Those lips that rocked my ribs

Those gaze that skinned the metamorphosis

Of my flesh

All that was you when your mouth kissed

All that was you in my night fall and

Sweet dawn

All that was

You - inside every atom

That collide dusts of an earth in me

My body molded in the sand and crumbs of history

Would always remember

How we held tightly like twigs on trees,

Veins in heartbeats

Our thoughts,

The sun soaked into water

Immerse brisk

Cone - clouds of generations

Your smell lingers a purple Rose

Of spilled perfume to the Red Sea

Would you leave me or

Take me till death

In different clothes of time

Swearing in faith?

/rosalinda flores martinez
/photography by wenzi

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