Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Parable And Truth


A rabbi, famed for his learning and his wit, once was asked by his students why he so often illustrated a truth by telling a story.

The rabbi taught that could best explain through a story; a parable about Parable itself. 

There was a time when Truth went among men unadorned, as naked as his name.  

And whoever saw Truth turned away, in fear or in shame, and gave him no welcome.

So Truth wandered through the lands of the earth, rebuffed and unwanted.

One day, most disconsolate, he met Parable strolling along happily in fine and many-colored garb.

“Truth, why do you seem so sad?”  asked Parable cheerfully.

“Because I am so old and ugly that all men avoid me,” replied Truth.

“Nonsense.” laughed Parable.  

“That is not why men avoid you.  Here –borrow some of my clothes and see what happens.”

So Truth donned some of Parable’s lovely garments – and lo, everywhere he went he was welcomed.  

The rabbi smiled. 

For the truth is that men cannot face Truth when he is naked; they much prefer him disguised.

/Leo Rosten
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