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The Wisdom of John – Christian . Leo Rosten

1  The Wisdom of John – Christian

When the beloved Apostle John was getting on in years, his disciples would sit in a circle before him each morning and hear from him a sermon about the life and the teachings of Christ.  Then the disciples would venture forth to preach the gospel, one by one, wherever they could find men to listen.
Each day the young disciples drew from John’s words some central thought; and each day they set out seeking converts and built their message around the thought that John had given them.  Year by year they spread the word and saw the faithful multiply.
One day, it is said, a group of new and eager disciples came to John and asked, “ What truth do you give us now to carry to the people?”
John was silent for a while, and the young men waited expectantly.  At last John spoke.  “Tell the people this:  ‘Children, love ye one another.’”
Disappointment clouded the faces of the young disciples, and they regarded one another unhappily.
“Why do you look disappointed?”asked John.
“We have told the people this before,”  remarked one disciple.
“We have preached love again and again,” said another.
“Can you not give us something new?”  implored a third.
John shook his head.  “No.  Now and always – as old as it will always be new – tell men our Saviour’s true message: ‘Children , love ye one another.’”

/ Leo Rosten
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