Wednesday, March 9, 2011

See Cyber Surfers: Ted Pedersen and Mel Gibson

Cyber Surfer (Pirates on the Internet) is short fiction, with all the thrills to an easy access of the internet world!

Jason Kane (computer hacker) and Athena Bergstrom (techno-wizard) best students of a small town in the Pacific Northwest, test a new internet gateway called Icarus. Both teenagers share an internet passion and accept challenges of new adventures.

Mr. Madison (computer lab teacher) tells about the internet as "They're not just sitting. They're participating, they're learning, they're interacting."

Later, Athena helps Jason to navigate the dark side of the Net to prove his innocence - before it is too late.

"There's no profit in revenge," said Jason.

"You lead a charmed life," Athena said to Jason with a smile.

Included in the book are some computer terms. Check below.

IMO means in my opinion.
IMHO means in my humble opinion.
TIA means take in advance.
SYSOP is the system operator.
BBS is a bulletin board system.
C means see you.
CU means see you later.
DTRT means do the right thing.
GIGO is garbage in, garbage out.
PMFJI pardon me for jumping in.

Email is electronic mail you send to friends on other computers. It can be a form of typed messages or graphic messages. An email is sent with an address.

The World Wide Web is a service on the net. It's got pictures and hypertext - which means you can jump from one place to another, all over the world with a single click in your computer.

Free net are bulletin board systems that are connected to the internet and are free of charge. Usually a free net is sponsored by community groups to give people free access to computing and information.

Netiquette is the proper way to behave when you're surfing the internet, such as respecting the right and opinions of others, and treating others the way you want to be treated.

Freeware is a software that you may use and give to your friends without paying for it, and it's legal to do so.

Shareware is like a free ware and it doesn't cost you anything to get and try out. But if you like and want to use it, then you send the author of the program a small licensing fee

A download is when you transfer data from a larger computer system to a smaller system. This is usually done through a modem.

An upload is when you transfer data from your computer to a remote (usually larger) computer system.

Hyperlink is the link used in hypertext documents to jump from one element to another.

Peripherals refer to the devices that are attached to your computer, like modems, diskette drives and printers, among others.

Cyber Surfers is written by Ted Pedersen and Mel Gilden.

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