Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Stories for Children (and Adults)

More Stories for Children (and Adults)

Fairy tales carve lessons in life. From the young heart of a child to the matured heart of the adult: everyone seek goodness, happy endings and triumph in truth.

The Ugly Duckling (as retold)
King Midas and His Golden Touch by Homer
Cinderella by Charles Perrault
The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen

The Ugly Duckling

An amazing story of a duck! Kids and everyone loves ducks. This famous ugly duckling turns out to be one of the most beautiful creatures of the earth.

This story shows that people need to belong and that no one is ugly. Only that we are the same in some ways, and different in other ways. Ducks like people have to know where to find happiness and goals. The duck sees himself “very beautiful” in the water; then in the water he finds his new family.

King Midas and His Golden Touch

An amazing story for kids full of curiosity! The picture of gold comes to be prominent and readers appreciate the simple story scenes looking like real pictures. This gives an easy lesson one couldn’t forget about “greed.”

This is another myth story. It’s about the god of Happiness “Bacchus” and a king in ancient Greece, who turns everything he touches into gold, even food and his beloved daughter. Later, King Midas begs for his daughter to become human again, giving away his love for gold. Literally, “away with gold!”

Homer, indeed, gives one of his best in this inspiring story.

In “Literary Criticism,” subjects the recall factor of “the girl with the golden eyes,” becomes vivid in the story for whatever connection it can present with culture and the readers.


One of the best fairy-tale stories ever told that marks happiness in kids and adults. Imagine the wicked stepmother and the two stepsisters who mistreat Cinderella (she is the real child of the father of the house). Her good fairy Godmother guides and helps her to attend a ball riding a very beautiful carriage (animal friends of Cinderella).

Cinderella becomes the center of attraction in the ball showing to be a real beauty. The prince falls in love with her. The glass-slippers become an unforgettable symbol, showing that truth can never fail and goodness will prevail in the end.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Laugh out loud! How full of wisdom, the writer of this story carves out this golden idea! Imagine a naked emperor in a parade! When I was I young girl, I couldn’t stop laughing at this and thought how people could be fools if they don’t stand firm in truth and principles.

Christian Andersen weaves an imaginary beautiful clothing of flattery in the story. The young boy full of honesty comes out bravely to tell everyone the truth.

Truth will always win out; and someone (pure in heart) maybe, from the simple crowd will be brave to uncover lies.

Rosalinda Flores – Martinez

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