Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughts: The Adding Machine

August 19, 2010



Have You Ever Thought How Garbage Boys Survive?

The garbage truck was in front of the cab I was on a few days ago.

The traffic gave me a picture of how garbage collectors work on their assigned task to serve us.

I thought they were on to penance because the work they do is literally “dirty.”

Of course, as compared to the hospital/medical staff who treat infections and diseases; dirt and stinking barrels of dirt are loathsome.

What do you think, how do their kids hug them? Have you ever worried for them? They have to be given protection against all the dirt of the world. These good workers deserve to be thanked for

In other countries, garbage collectors are paid well. How about in the Philippines…. (private or government garbage employees) how are they treated?

In my case, I think dirt ---- attracts diseases like stomach disorders, allergy, and lung problems, among others. Take for example the killer flu virus, and those objects that are habitat of germs (fomites)?

Doctors recommend washing thoroughly with soap and water.


I have thought about Elmer Rice play “The Adding Machine.” An alienation exemplified by Zero who worked as bookkeeper in a department store. His work has dried up his humanity making him incapable of love, friendships and other emotions.


What is a thought?

Thinking signifies everything that you say is “in our heads” or that “goes through our minds.”

It is a matter not directly perceived and could always change. Oftentimes you would say, “I just thought of it.”

Thoughts can be important as the award in kindergarten like the “Most Thoughtful Student.” And sometimes, not important as “Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” How the brain works is a gift and a tool of making thoughts/ideas concrete. Thinking is powerful when you work at it (small miracles), and can be destructive with malice like the curse of a witch. Good thoughts are necessary for success but tragic as a downfall of a wicked endeavor (karma). The earth will ask payment with interest pulling every pound of wickedness, including sacrificial lambs.

Positive, clean, and helpful thoughts will triumph in the end; in the promise of God.

Good thoughts and wishes are considered to be an offering to God, and can be acts of prayer transforming all wrath to peace and love. Nothing and no one can contest God.

I usually ponder on this from the Holy Bible, and get power from God’s promises in the hope that Jesus Christ is always near.

“Give me a clean heart O God.”

“God’s thoughts are as high as the heaven, and man or any other creature cannot know about it. But all things work out together for good for those who love God and obey His commandments.”

“I am thinking of you.

I am thinking of God.

What comes to me now is the work I do.

My wish is to create something beautiful.

My words are my presents for you.” RoseVoc2

IWroteFiction, 2010

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