Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Karol Wojtyla: Love is Faceless

Karol Wojtyla: Love is Faceless

“Love is faceless,” this teaching makes me remember Karol Wojtyla. Karol Wojtyla is Pope John Paul II.

During his visit to the Philippines, I was one to witness the power of the Pope gathering people peacefully. I was the enthusiastic PR writer trying to get an experience of an event, something to gossip about celebrations. But this idea didn’t make sense. What I saw was a huge crowd without any panic and “no pushing.” The crowd was totally calm and disciplined. I supposed it was really “Tell the world of His love, of God’s love.”

That was 1995, during the World Youth Day in the Philippines. Then in the year 2000, at the Manila Cathedral was the “Blessing of the Door” and some relics of St. Therese; the Pope came back.

What was it with Pope John Paul II? Of course, like the other Popes: they are the messengers of God to the world, like angels. This will be easy for everybody to understand as everybody embeds an innocent heart when in front of faith. The Holy Spirit shows the way of light to all the questions that can be raised.

At the bookstore, in another encounter, I got one of the Pope’s book “Easter Vigil and Other Poems.” This book gave another sort of power to me: that thing we can call comfort when in trouble; and in my case, someone was dying.

Recently, I thought I couldn’t understand any book watching someone go. In the hospital, on a Friday night I wrote:

Sacred Heart Day:

I am consoled by this book

of Pope John Paul II

This is my companion for today

Seeing someone waiting for

death is a challenge of

this evening

Time passes, and every

minute and hour of grace

is a gift from God

for purification

and prayer

of the living

of the dead,

Jesus, we trust in You. /Rose5.14.10

Also, on CTV by Vatican Radio, that time there was a TV Mass in Portugal (in Fatima) celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI. I was so happy and I told my mother “We are lucky, to hear a holy mass now. Don’t be afraid, it is Pope Benedict XVI giving the blessings.”

Pope Benedict XVI said, “ Thank you for your sharing and the witness of your faith.” This gave peace on a deathbed.

Truly, miracles happen everyday. Love travels fast, cares for everyone alive and dead. As love is a manifestation of God’s presence, we shall not be afraid.

Rosalinda Flores Martinez
June 3, 2010

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