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Confessions: Writing a Love Letter

Confession: Writing a Love Letter

You need to rake your heart and see the beauty of how honest a love can be. You cannot lie when you write a love letter because it is about love. Love can’t cheat. Love is something beautiful and pure for everyone. It is prudent. Love is a gift from God that ought to be given away and takes nothing else.

Love letters share a bond of happiness for the sender and the receiver. If so, the writing task becomes meaningful and complete.

I. Let me share my writing confessions to God during my younger years.

Sample 1.

February 18, 1983

Dear God,

I just “wanna” let you know that I love you above anyone else.

I will live my life through your commandments and plans for me.

My Father, it’s enough to have you always with me…

I love you.

Your daughter,
Rosalinda (Rose)

Sample 2.

Jesus, I love you above all!

Help me to want your every will

So that You’ll not be sad.

II. Style and Structure

The structure of a love letter is the same as an ordinary or special letter. It has a date, a salutation, a body, a closing and a signature. The style varies. Often, the style is free and can sound poetic. Sometimes the words are rhythmic like a beating heart that talks.

After writing the love letter, you will feel happy and contented. But before the write process, a feeling of restlessness and zealous ambition wait to be fulfilled.

A love letter is a thorough confession. It may sound like fiction because it is an ideal honest to goodness documented conversation. How can one lie with the feeling of love, inspiration, and goodwill?

The love letter is a separate entity from the person if it involves poetry, but specifically it is the being; the “guru” of pen and blank sheet.

III.Falling in Love

Visit the (my) E-book at Lulu.com titled, “Falling In Love on the Net,” by Rosalinda Flores Martinez (http://iwrotefiction.blogspot.com).

The book is a fiction story made up of letters.

Writing a story by means of letters (Epistolary) is as old as the novel itself (check out Samuel Richardson, “Pamela and Clarissa”). This style usually requires a certain amount of time for the reader to settle to the story; nevertheless, stories in this form have been successful.

“Falling in Love” is a story of email exchanges between an Englishman (Kieth) and a Filipina (Ashra) in a love that came intense like “Romeo and Juliet,” but not tragic in the end. The e-book uses a simple language suited for everyone, especially for non-native speakers.

The internet as milieu of the story fits the global community in today’s culture of emails like Google mails, Yahoo mails, and MSN.

Also, check out “I shall write” and “I wrote fiction” blogs or visit http://iwrotefiction.blogspot.com.

Rose flores martinez

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