Monday, December 7, 2009

A Love That Breaks the Age of Glass Into Pieces

A Love That Breaks the Age of Glass Into Pieces

Love can’t be what it isn’t

You cannot swear by anything without love

And the Cross

You cannot push it and no one can dictate
About it

You cannot tell stories without authenticity
Even in fiction

It is only in an art form that love sees

Love is you and I together

Kissing each others soul

And touching what is only for you and me

I cannot be so tactful in love

Because my love would let you die

Longing for my breath

You would dream of me

And seek me

More than your body would need

My warmth

No other woman would draw you logic

Except, I

Who loved you, and saw you naked

In all forms

I would break the age of glass into pieces

And taste your tongue

When all that wine spills

I will let it bathe me

So my tears will fill the rivers

And parched lands

And we would glory in the rain

Our wills can be one, but only in love

Because I cannot be a hollow mind

And you can’t give me what I ask

The poems of Nizar Qabanni

The poems of Rilke

The poems of Robert Frost

I have broken the age of glass into pieces

And got all of it - in my heart

Bled in the astute face of a Nazi

Birthed in Renaissance

My thoughts can never release you

Because your thoughts are the towers of


I want to run away, from you

Yet my womb, your Isis

Seeks only


In love

I want to kiss you now.

Rosalinda Flores - Martinez, copyright 2009

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