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The Curse of Eve

The Curse of Eve

Food strengthens and energizes me – in body and spirit. Not just for the moment, but even the memories of food eaten with kindred spirits of the past keep my heart attuned with the world, and help me to see a brighter place.

When I was younger, I was trained by my Dad to eat well, despite my being skinny. Let me add, being skinny did not mean that I wasn’t healthy. In fact, I was very healthy and strong, and I could compete with any boy who was my age. Sometimes I lose, and sometimes I won. But for a girl like me, just competing – and winning – was enough to take my breath away.

It also made my Dad proud of me. And to keep me competitive, he gave me whatever food I desired. After class, we’d dine together, sometimes at the school canteen, other times at different restaurants. Usually, it was places we passed on the way home.

I was always happy when Dad and I ate together. Sometimes, it would be just the two of us. Especially when my Mom had meetings at the school, or when my siblings were already home. I was the eldest, and I spent most of my time with him, up until the Good Lord took him away.

These times with my Dad were my best and happiest food experiences. It didn’t matter what we ate, but it was inevitable, because of this, that I learned over to eat anything. Food makes me feel happy and satisfied… the same feelings I had whenever I ate with Dad.

On the other hand, food also made me fatttt (as in, “oink oink”). And that was my worst foodie experience. I could no longer flaunt my body, I had to hide underneath dark hues of loose t-shirts or blouses. It gave me nightmares choosing an outfit that would provide just the right illusion (fantasy?).

Yes, in time I badly need a miracle. I could no longer wear the halter tops that once exposed slim arms. Pardon me… those muscles (ergo flab) could lead others to mistake me for a (sumo) wrestler. Laugh!

That’s life and food. However, it won’t stop me from having my cakes and chocolates and eating them, too. My palate salivates for it. My blood pressure rises too high. I am a genetic heiress.

Food, it has so many stories to tell. It makes you remember so many things, beautiful things, ugly things. It calls so many pictures, places, and people to mind. It is the best and worst of life. It is practically everything. Sometimes I wonder, when Eve ate the apple, why did she defy God. But then, it was fruit. Fruit’s not fattening.

Rose Flores - Martinez
Old Cook Magazine article
April 2002

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