Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In May 2012: Our Prayers Like a French Kiss / RoseVoc2

God, Let Your Holy Spirit Be In Us

How everyone worries

With all that happens now -

How like rags we kiss the ground

How like water we would flow

And unstopping, lend our thoughts of kindness.

And because we're all imperfect, and we want to help,

Our prayers and good wishes sent to One God unite

Like a French kiss, like humans do, full of passion.

Maybe, we are serious

Maybe, we are not.

These troubled times, truly, there are no tags

Just the naked body

No color, no gender, no status, no country,

Just life, solemn as light popping clouds of hope

One precious creation, the earth has suckled

First milk from breasts dropped in pain and sweetness

A concoction only Heaven brews, for us

We are all fed, nature above and below us feed.

Our minds grow, heaven's gift to nourish our lands

And from time to time, we learn our lessons

That man has limits

That man needs man

That man finds truth yesterday, now and tomorrow

That man must respect each other.

That man must love, and

That man must pray

To seek God's will everyday,

And in all the aspects of our lives

Our God of Goodness will never abandon,

Us, His children

Us, He created for His Kingdom.

Let Your Holy Spirit come now to us

O God, let Your Holy Spirit be in us -

On earth, as it is in Heaven.

rosalinda flores martinez.05.02.2012
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