Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rockets: Up And Away

The rockets will zoom tomorrow.

Up the universe, across the air we

breathe. It will fly – like a bullet

in space, tomorrow. Launch now

science or nuclear warhead? Glints

unquestionable gamma radiation.

Six-party talks. No sail, no fishing-zone,

no fly-zone “sa Pilipinas.” “Panginoon,

have mercy on us, have mercy.”

North Korea will launch a satellite.

UFO exploration, huge ET power?

Busy earth is alive, kicking 14 billion years!

Says Bishop Bastes “Pray! In

The Skylab, nothing happened.”

Says Mrs. Kim: “Pray, the best we

could do is pray!”

Empty airports tomorrow…

Space frozen dull. Clouds fiery red.

How to pray, be all, teaching each other.

A spectrum of stars will catch

Hunt inside a cloud net of blaze

Debris, shut off in Holy breath.

rosalinda flores martinez

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