Wednesday, April 11, 2012



I breathe you

Day and night I long to touch your hand

and see the shade of your hands. How

those hands would turn red while I feel

every finger and thumb locked into mine;

If only your hands…

The sky has took you in – faceless as I am

I wonder how you’d shave the beard in your jaw,

how you’d trim the mustache close to your lips,

how you’d smell the fragrance of my neck,

how your eyes like agates would look at me now.

I crave your lips, your tongue, the air of your mouth.

I wish they would touch, riotous, if sea and sky

They merge in space with swift glory,

after the tombs fall.

My grief is solemn as white water

because you are everything to me

Seething flesh, handsome imagination

Different rocks and hues

How would you take me then -

if my times were chips that crashed?

if my bliss were only shadows and clouds?

if I were faceless?

I have longed for you as I have promised

waiting in seconds, hours, and years…

Every day, I’ve pleaded

and that is all I can be -

faceless like the sky.

I breathe you

I breathe you in the moon and stars

I breathe you in the shrouded skies

I breathe you -

Swift and loud like thunder, I’d come,

faceless, I’d come,

Love in holy hours of dazzling Flame.

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