Saturday, September 19, 2009

2. Trees

There are several trees around our small house. Every time I look out my little garden, I see the avocado tree. The tree looks so humongous in my sight. Except that the other mango tree at the back of it scares me.

The mango tree spreads its branches all over and they say there’s a white lady in it.

Every time people pass by they ran and make a sign of the cross, driving the devil away.

I close the doors before the sun sets. I thought the trees would be monsters, yet I remember in fairy tales they’re childrens friends.

They would even give shade when the weather’s too hot.

One day I was going around my avocado tree. I thought about the fairies my grandparents told me about who lived in the avocado trees. Most of them say they are wicked, but I don’t like to believe them because God created us all.

Trees surrounded my little house and they were like people bigger than us with many arms like octopus and leaves that swing like stars.

Though people around me were arrogant and the trees don’t talk, they were more friendly. When I water them and seemed to glow with luster and the leaves start to sing and dance.

One day I fought with a bad guy just around the corner because of the noisy pets/ fierce and barking dogs. My dog disturbed their sleep. They didn’t want my pup so I had to give it away.

So it was only the tree and me in the morning and no more pet.

The leaves crowd my house when rainy season comes, and every time I cry I have to close the windows so the trees won't see me.

But the trees are better than the people around. They couldn’t talk and could look scary sometimes, but in the end they’re the one that try to gleam with sunshine and stand by me when I cry.

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