Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rebecca, Three Scary Stories in Filipino

Friday, September 25, 2009

An Introduction

Rebecca. This story is my first entry to the world of fiction.

I couldn't think of anything more interesting than this one during birthing. This came to me when Sir Isagani Cruz required us to write one fiction story. And so I tried to bleed this during the workshop with Sir Charlson Ong and Sir Medina. Oh --- it did not impress them, but they thought my idea was convincing, and so I tried to improve it. I don't know if Sir Isagani remembers how I conceived this story, but I really told the whole class about it. I was not ashamed and maybe they understood me. I knew I have to polish this story.

Later, Sir Bisa helped me repair this fiction and thanks to him because I was able to decide with the title, "Rebecca." Do you know about the strong woman Rebecca, or Shakespeare's Rosalind? I just had thoughts about this. Then, Rebecca was published in Liwayway - under the authors page (Bagong Manunulat) and Sir Reynaldo Duque helped me with this story again. My story got a lot of bumpy roads without any prize. But then, this was my first fiction and what is important to me is to GET PUBLISHED and READ. Sir Dan Meneses, included it in his anthology titled "30 Piling Kuwento 2003" and was edited by Sir R. Duque. And so, I got to my goal and contentment "My prize was enough here and more than any distinction the world could give me - working with these respected writers and editors was the best prize I could ever have. Truly, it gave me a chance to prove myself in the world of writing and sharing literature.

I thank GOD for this.

Are you ready to see the ghost in me?

Go work the puzzles.

My fiction and stories are for you.

I wrote for you,
Rosalinda Flores - Martinez, 2009

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