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Watching Kingdom of Heaven, I Remember

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Watching Kingdom of Heaven, I Remember

By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez

I remember Jerusalem as the home of Christ. Christ is born in Bethlehem. He is crucified on the Hill of Calvary (now the altar of crucifixion), is buried in Golgotha (a place of skull), and on the third day, he arose again.

I remember Jerusalem in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, I am a Christian.

I honor the Wailing Wall (Western Wall) of the Jews. I weep in the wailing walls, the city of David, where Solomon built the temple. I mourn with them.

In Jerusalem, a mosque stands over the spot from which Mohammed is said to have ascended to heaven. Abraham is said to have prepared to sacrifice Isaac on the same spot. I believe the Dome of the Rock.

Hence, I remember Jerusalem, a place of prayer for all faiths.

It is comforting to know that God has no favorites and his love for all manifests in the everyday conquest of our hearts and life journey. God, above all, strengthens us to be better beings everyday in the chances we can make out of life.

The film, "Kingdom of Heaven," (2005) highlights this Holy City. It tells the story of a blacksmith (Orlando Bloom; Legolas in Lord of the Rings), who after his dolours, transforms to become a brave knight and baron of Ibelin. His loyalty is grounded on the kingdom of conscience, which is imperfect in human conditions, but buttressed in the hands of God. His humility in being a blacksmith lets him serve the people. His bravery in being a knight lets him deal with wars and speak the truth. He portrays a modern Christ in some point of his life, teaching even a king, a woman, a child, a gravedigger and a bishop, among others. Being in a company of various troops and conditions of people, he endures and values every person, sharing about right action, courage, and loyalty to God, above all.

According to Kenneth Turan of Los Angeles Times (IMDB), "Scott and company have gotten so accomplished at re-creating history that the results have a welcome offhanded quality, making them spectacular without seeming to be showing off."

"Kingdom of Heaven" stars Liam Neeson as Godfey de Ibelin, Orlando Bloom as Balian de Ibelin, Marton Csokas as Guy Lusignon, Eva Green as Sybylla, Nasser M. as Muslim Grandee, Ghassan Massuod as Saladin, Jeremy Irons as Tiberias, Edward Norton as the king, John Finch and more.

Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Prometheus) is the director. William Monahan (a novelist) is the screenwriter.


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