Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Tight Grip Of Your Hands

A Tight Grip Of Your Hands

A parent, to the pains of his/her child

'Why wasn't it I Lord, to bear my child's pain? '

But it has to be so.

'Olah' in Hebrew on Mount Moriah

Then a voice was heard, 'Now I know you fear God.'

Why do we feel pain for the struggling sick?

Why do we feel mercy for the helpless poor?

Empathizing with the oppressed, when no one would listen?

The unfathomable 'why's' scrape off skin down brawn,

When nothing but nothing could be done,

But gaze at bullets and sniff killing gas

It has to be so.

Each one faces a destiny, his own

As unique as an endowed crown of life.

Is there something more agonizing

Than a crown of thorns, undeserved?

We take of the cup, sweet wine of grapes,

A nourishment for hearts to carry burden.

It has to be so.

How could we lessen a beloved's pain?

Or get your pain on me?


But - act bravely, as big as the heroes

Move on, when others stop

Stand the highest, when others fall

It will be unfair for those hurting,

If we cut the ropes

Pulling up life,

But instead, let build strong walls

Foreseeing doom, vanished!

If my father died from a bullet,

It would be unfair to haunt and kill the murderer.

Truth and justice must be sought. And if

Justice, a sigh, comes far in this time,

Be signs of abundant grace and kindness

Be nigh, for those we love, bring peace and love,

Above all, love.

If we couldn't heal or rip a vein for others

If we couldn't be in Gaza, or Haiti

If we couldn't even weep, we bleed inside

Heart, oh heart, it aches badly.

But it has to be so.

Mountains on our backs come unbearable,

We are knocked down praying to the ground

Listening to the cracks of the earth.

Like Maria, her Son in Golgotha.

God, help us bear each other's pain and hurt

In the prayers You have breathed in our mouths,

In the prayers You have nested in our hearts,

In the charm of love we could share,

Big or small in pretty boxes,

A tight grip of your hands.

We grieve

We love

Hurting badly, as painful as when someone leaves

Hurting badly, as painful as when someone dies

Jesus, carry all our pain and hurt,

Carry all our pain and hurt,

We trust, we trust in Thee.

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