Tuesday, March 20, 2012



You were once a leech on my lover’s neck-

Torture and anguish to lights of my days

With Medusa and Judas, can you

Be drowned in the underworld of phantoms?

You robbed full long days of felicity

My diamond, my only longed affection,

My precious posterity of time, you

Dumped selfishly inside a rotting jar

Of cursed stones, puke of Sodom and Gomorrah

You devastated my life, drought my breasts

Those nights,

Those haunting gray nights, haunted


Hopeful, dutiful tomorrows

Cracked walls of sacred covenant,

Buried home of family

Those nights



Love’s promises

Corrupted hymns of twin hearts. Those nights gripped

Nights that shrieked my flesh into shreds of dust

Shot soul of Eros, lulled December breeze

Hardened soft tongue, but cold lips in winter

Nightmares of forbidden cities, cutting

Like blade, broken bones beyond healing

How your tongues kissed terrified me. How you

Rolled, tenderly held each other

Nailed me, nailed me several times to a Cross

Those nights bled my solitude

'Gotterdammerung! '

Shocking waves in Apocalypse


Why did you steal the heart of my affections?

Green eyes of deceit crawled scales of snake on

Your back. May God pardon and throw grace

Tight beads cuddling at dawn were all I had

True love, a crown of glory and youth once

Lost, burst a necklace of stars and moons

Heaven lay sturdy bright nights mine forever

Thunder, smokes of fire burning old filth

Death sickles prune eyes, skin gums, and rust of boats

Decked on wrong ports, needing incense and whiff

Of Heaven’s rain – we beg mercy, pardon, mercy

God’s Sacred love and peace,

Be love and peace

Almighty Trinity

Heal hearts, glory to Heart most pure

My heart, all hearts, let follow

'Rogate! '

Rosalinda Flores


rosalinda flores martinez
on iwrotefiction 3.20.2012

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