Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wisdom in February

The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen

(as retold by Rose Flores)

There was once, a conceited emperor in a far land. He was so vain and proud that all he desired was admiration.

Scoundrels learned of the emperor's weakness and plotted an evil plan to make money. They offered to weave clothes of the finest quality for him.

With spools of golden thread, silk and jewel adornment, the palace supplied the weavers the most expensive materials. So the scoundrels pretended they were real weavers. They made and sewed many clothes and a special one for the grand celebration. They pretended they were working hard and weaving the clothes, when there was nothing. Their arms and hands swung in the air.

Each officer in the palace wondered how the clothes would look, but they were fretful to ask. They thought others would find them stupid, in their position not to distinguish the elegantly crafted clothes, that in truth, was nothing at all.

Everyone talked about the stylish clothes.

Sooner, the king wanted to see them.

"Can you see dear Emperor, your exquisite clothes with glowing colors?" One of the scoundrels asked.

"Oh yes, the colors are majestic as rainbows! What can you say, officer?"

"It's elegantly woven!"

"Dainty like a spider's web," said the other scoundrel.

Later, it was time for the parade. They all motioned, like they were dressing up the emperor. The emperor approved the imaginary clothes put on him.

During the parade, the emperor held his head high in vanity. In his false belief, the emperor thought he wore the best clothes.

The crowd silently watched, until a child yelled: He's naked, he's naked! The emperor hasn't got anything on!

Then the crowd noticed and shouted the same.

The emperor was embarrassed, but then, he went boldly and held his head higher. He continued to march. His officers continued holding the robe, that wasn't there at all.

On Wisdom:

Thought: Don't be so easily flattered. Being wise does not depend on flattery. Wisdom seeks humility, truth and joy. It pleases God.

Proverbs chapter 9:10 asserts:

For the reverence and fear of God are basic to all wisdom. Knowing God results in every other kind of understanding.

Thought: Love and reverence for God are the keys to light and happiness. Wisdom is God's gift to his people.

/rose flores martinez
in february 2012

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