Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Proverbs: On Moral Lessons

Good manners and right conduct are the writer's evident highlights in literature, especially those that children read. Stories must be positively interpreted.

Ponder upon these Proverbs and take the following (as retold by Rosalinda/Me) folktale, fable and parable as examples.

Chapter 6.10-11

Let me sleep a little longer!
Sure, just a little more!
And as you sleep, poverty creeps upon you like a robber and destroys you; want attacks you in full armor.

Folktale: The Lazy Boy Juan

Once, Juan was asked by his mother to buy some crabs. Because he was so lazy and stupid, he told the crabs "I feel so sleepy. I'd rather sleep here under the tree. All of you crabs just walk home to mother."

What can you say?

Chapter 6.12-15

Let me describe for you a worthless and a wicked man; first, he is a constant liar; he signals his true intentions to his friends with eyes and feet and fingers. Next, his heart is full of rebellion. And he spends his time thinking of all the evil he can do, and stirring up discontent. But he will be destroyed suddenly, broken beyond hope of healing.

Parable: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Once, a boy spent his time thinking and stirring up discontent in his work. He thought of alarming his neighbors and playing up on them.

"Wolf! There are wolves, help me!" The boy cried. The neighbors came running to rescue the boy, discovering there were no wolves.

"Sorry, I thought there were wolves," the boy lied.

The next day, the boy did the same.

"Wolves, wolves! Help me!" Again, the neighbors came running to rescue him.

"Sorry, I thought there were really wolves," he lied again. When the neighbors left, the boy laughed out loud.

One day, while the boy tended his animals peacefully, big wolves really came and prowled on his sheep. The boy cried very, very loud "Help me, help me! Wolves are here!"

But no one came.

Chapter 6.16-19

For there are six things the lord hates - no, seven:

Plotting evil
Eagerness to do wrong
A false witness
Sowing discord among brothers

Parable:  The Bundle of Sticks

Fable: The Lion and the Mouse

As Retold by: Rosalinda Flores Martinez

Once there was a mouse, who disturbed the lion in his sleep. The lion went angry and was about to swallow him.

Then the mouse plead, "I am sorry to disturb your sleep, Mr. Lion. I can give you help some other time to repay your kindness. Please let me go."

The lion set the mouse free.

One day, the mouse heard the lion roaring. He remembered the kindness of the lion to him, and so the mouse came to rescue the lion.

The mouse found the lion in a hunter's net. Quickly, the mouse cut the net with his teeth. The lion was set free.

"Thank you, little mouse for helping me."

Thought: Showing kindness, not discord brings true happiness and freedom to everyone.

 Happy reading!

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