Thursday, August 1, 2013

A core in a crust!

I plunged my fears and swam across depths of time and space.

First time.

I would taste the pleasure of emotions in words.

It was a trance.

A temporary exit to the power-playing people around me in the real-now.

I began to find the answers to my complicated ideas, deconstructing and reconstructing every word; trying to separate water and oil.

I would like to think, there is a knife on my neck and every wrong move I make would slit a cut on my throbbing throat like killing a helpless chicken.

Maybe, I can become what I dream now.

In this development of technology, words and letters are like people talking to me face to face.



This is an exerpt from my fiction story "Net Chat," on

The internet birthed with me, we lived together and collaborate; the World Wide Web.

Seriously, I always tell myself, I am an android built with a heart. The other me.  It is happy and sad.  But it has to be like this for me as a writer.

Once, one of my professors told me (way back my MFA days), "Always let go when you write."

I said, "No, I won't.  It is scary."

Dr. Marj Evasco, "Why?"

"I may not be able to come back," I answered.

It was a sincere conversation.  

I thank GOD for these moments.

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