Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How To Choose A Topic For Creative Writing

Being creative is a gift to all. You have to feel, in what aspect you could be special and do it with fun.

A creative topic for an essay is just writing something special or unique. Of course, there are literary canons and Shakespeare and James Joyce and more, but then, you have to find your own voice. Don't fake it or be clich├ęd. Everyday events can help and the more it comes original, the better.

Creative Writing is never easy. It will mangle your brain and cut your heart piece by piece. Creative writers, wouldn't announce that laurel on their heads because can you imagine what kind of person is the one who hallucinates; make-up stories, and talk in paper? That is half-awake and half-dreaming; besides writing is subjective. Sometimes writing is a thankless job, too, however noble. But then again, no one can stop the creative writer, he/she will write.   No one can stop him at a gun point or by lacerating his neck vein by vein. Not being able to write is death for a writer.

Practice on these activities:

1. You can try journal writing, free writing, brainstorming, clustering, or listing, among others, to fish for ideas. Your everyday experiences and activities could be writing prompts.

2. Write a poem or a story as a writing exercise like exploring about your house or your travel. Use metaphors. Don't worry about the thought, yet. Have fun while doing it.

3. Interview someone or write about yourself answering questions. Figure out surprises.

4. Introduce some people. Make pictures of them in words.

5. Of course, remember the unforgettable experiences carved in your memory.

6. Ponder on meanings: Life and Death

7. How To Cook the Best Recipe in Town

8. Get some new words, maybe 10-20, string them all into a short essay. Develop.

9. Change point of views.

10. Enumerate: What Are Fascinating and What Are Growls

All topics can be topics for creative writing. Everything is free. In fact, it is a feast of ideas. You only have to know how to write them freely. Creative nonfiction, though, is a mix of reportage (objectivity) and the art of fiction (fiction story) that is from the writer's original voice and style.

Way back, years ago, part of a writing exam I flanked was about rewriting the letters of one Philippine National hero in my own voice.

I didn't get it. I remember I tried to fake it because I just couldn't be so intimate with my topic. I didn't know much about him (sorry). I crammed, and my language was still inadequate. I just couldn't feel I'm into writing something creative because I didn't like to do it, but just forced myself.

Looking back, I have learned what creativity means. It is a gift, and nothing should be in between (merit or no merit) you and what you write. Yes, it could even be scary or harrowing, but nirvana, too.

Thank you, God for letting us write.

/rosalinda flores on ezine

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