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In Time: Don't Waste My Time
By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez

The concept of the movie "In Time" is done with sheer style, updated with today's modern technology. 

The idea of codes is dynamic. See how science-fiction opens conduits to discovery and innovation.

Imagine arms with life codes like the candies and stuff you buy from the supermarkets. Imagine your arms scanned to get the things you need. Your payment is the time that's left for you to live by (the time you need to live). Time, as the basic resource is well portrayed in the movie to be so prized, but never paid well for the poor.

Those that control the system can't run anymore, their faces a false sophistication melting like wax.

In another aspect, it shows us thoughts about life, profusely. There is a vivid picture of capitalism, where only a few groups or individuals own lands, businesses, and means of production.

It also shows mayhem by chance in the ghettos, where those who have got more are robbed by bad guys. With social implications, the ghettos are a minority group (check history).

A contemporary scene becomes evident, in the supply of commodities (coffee and food in stores) restricted to a few, though demand is high because of the high cost of living brought about by rising costs in all the time zones (only the rich can afford).

In the end, two young advocates Will Salas and Sylvia Weis (from divergent zones), collaborate and work together to find solutions to uphold the living conditions of the people and to correct the systems, like what Robin Hood does (but no arrows now, only guns). Also, kids of hope shine in their innocence to bring forth more life time to their degenerating zones and one generous senior (victim) offers his centuries (life), for the hope of change and progress believing in the kind heart and blood of Will Salas. The old man wrote in the glass window, "Don't waste my time."

Moreover, 25 years old establishes an age of responsibility in every form and any form of life. One is supposed to start earning trust from elders, parents and community from the good work lived and served, especially for the under privileged.

But then, the impossibilities! No time; no future can alter man's death or creation, except God who gives and takes life.

But maybe, if fiction.

All in all, "In Time" is thumbs up!

Among others, Justin Timberlake (Will Salas), Amanda Seyfried (Sylvia Weis), and Cillian Murphy (Raymond Leon) star in this film. It is directed and written by Andrew Niccol.

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