Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Many Moons

In Many Moons

Soon, I will die for my love

and he will die for me

When our cups will be one

the earth will tremble

the mountains will crack

and the sea will divide

My dearest will embrace me

in the nest of the battlefield

and I will kiss the hilt of his

sword that will pierce the dragon

My dearest will chain Medusa

and bury the serpents head

I will let my knight ride on

my back and we will fly

and slash with lightning

any creature that goes

between our love

We shall never separate

until death meridians will

hold us together from pole

to pole our stars, an

army to guard our nook

The wind a shield to cover

from the foe and the

moon our bed of conception

will hide itself in red blaze

We will make love in

many moons, in 360

days we’ll sup bliss, sire an

offspring in Indian summer

They will till the soil

dig the sea, a harvest

so great, deities will agree

Me and my love, an

army of constellations

will never separate

Until in GOD’s hand,

In a deep peaceful slumber,

He will lock us in His chest.

rose flores martinez,3.2.2010

Create DateMonday, March 01, 2010
Update DateMonday, March 01, 2010

rosalinda flores martinez
rosevoc2.august 2011


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